Best city cars to buy 2018/2019

Looking for the best city car to get you from A to B in 2018/2019? Here is our guide to the greatest urban warriors on sale

A good city car offers exceptional value for money, but the best city cars also provide an entertaining driving experience and don’t put you to sleep with drab styling. Our top 10 city cars listed below includes urban roundabouts and compact cars that  combine all the best attributes of a very interesting sector – it includes the funkiest, most fashionable, best to drive and most economical cars all in one list.

City cars are normally bought with budget in mind, which is why all the models listed below offer great value-for-money in terms of a low purchase price and attractive finance deals. They will also offer rock bottom running costs, but excitingly our best city cars pack a large amount of kit and big car features into their diminutive bodies.  

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A quick rifle through our top 10 city car picks proves that there’s no need to skimp on quality, either. Clever packaging techniques and advances in car design means more space than ever inside for people and things. Similarly, advances in small car engineering means that even city cars can make light work of longer city-to-city trips if they need to.

With plenty of bigger car tech now drip-feeding into the city car sector, and a compact package that’s easy to manoeuvre in and out of traffic, city cars are easier to drive than ever. City cars should also be easy to live with, as all that clever packaging can offer interior and boot space that rival cars the next size up. Many can hold four adults in reasonable comfort, but they’re perfect for young families, too.

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The best of the bunch wrap all these features up in a stylish exterior, then provide added opportunities to make an individual statement from an options list stuffed with special trim combinations and accessories.

We’ve picked out the 10 best city cars currently on the market, so click the links on the left or below to find out which one suits you…

Best City Cars 2018/2019

  • 1. VW up!
  • 2. Skoda Citigo
  • 3. Kia Picanto
  • 4. Hyundai i10
  • 5. Vauxhall Viva
  • 6. Toyota Aygo
  • 7. SEAT Mii
  • 8. Renault Twingo
  • 9. Citroen C1/Peugeot 108
  • 10. Suzuki Celerio
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