Best Dash Cams 2018: reviews and all you need to know

As dash cam sales continue to boom, we test the latest and greatest to find the very best

Dash cams are enjoying huge growth, with over 2.6 million on the road today. Drivers can not only receive insurance discounts, they can also send footage of illegal driving to the police. In fact, these cameras are becoming so popular certain car makers are offering dealer installed options, such as Citroen’s ConnectedCam and MINI’s Advanced Eye. 

Not that long ago, cam manufacturers introduced models with 4K recording, while others still rely on 1440p (and lower) quality to help motorists in accidents. More dash cams than ever before incorporate mobile apps so sharing and downloading footage is easier. 

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How we tested them

Clarity of footage is always central to our dash cam tests. After all, you need to be able to rely on what they record in the event of an accident. So we wanted cameras to capture lots of detail such as number plates, street signs and pedestrian movements in a variety of light conditions. In addition, we rated each device for ease of use, looking at how straightforward it was to change settings and whether they were easy to install. Price was the final factor.  


Nextbase takes the crown in our dash cam test once again thanks to the all-round capabilities of its latest 612GW. The far more expensive BlackVue DR900S-1CH now provides the best footage, while the Philips ADR820 impresses with its great-value price tag and good-quality recordings. 

  • 1. Nextbase 612GW
  • 2. BlackVue DR900S-1CH
  • 3. Philips ADR820
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