Best pick-up trucks 2019

The UK pick-up truck market is stronger than ever, but which models are the best? We rank the lot.

There was a time when the pick-up truck was used for work, and little else. However, thanks to favourable tax rates, the current crop of pick-up trucks are in demand from a variety of business users. And carmakers have cottoned on to this demand, with more manufacturers than ever joining the pick-up truck ranks. One of the latest arrivals is the Mercedes X-Class, so we thought it was time to look at the best pickups on sale in the UK today.

There are plenty of different kinds of truck on sale, with models used purely as workhorses, or those trucks that cater for more of a lifestyle choice. With their large beds capable of carrying plenty of kit, these trucks are arguably more versatile than SUVs of a similar price.

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The most popular type of pick-up truck in the UK is the double cab, which features a four-door body and room for five passengers inside. You can get single and extended cab (sometimes called king cab) versions as well, although these are geared towards the commercial market, and usually aren’t as well equipped.

Double cab pick-ups come with a switchable four-wheel-drive system that can be put in 2WD mode to help improve fuel consumption, or 4WD when the going gets slippery. In addition, low-range 4×4 gears will also be offered, as well as assorted diff locks to improve off-road grip.

One of the main attractions of the pick-up is its tax rate. If the pickup you’re looking at has a payload in excess of one tonne, then it’s classed as a light commercial vehicle (LCV), and subsequently qualifies for a fixed rate of tax that could work out less than you would pay in company car tax for a similarly priced SUV. This flat rate isn’t emissions based, which is why it works out cheaper than company car tax, while VAT is reclaimable on a pickup if you can prove it’s used as a working vehicle, just like a van.

Where a pick-up has an advantage over a van though is the relative luxury you’ll find on board. Most pickups have the kind of kit you’ll find on higher spec SUVs, with nav, climate control, heated leather seats and assorted other luxuries usually fitted as standard.

In the UK, the established models in the pick-up class are the Mitsubishi L200, Toyota Hilux and Nissan Navara, while the Isuzu D-Max is a more utilitarian choice. But with the arrival of Mercedes, the high-end pick-up truck sector has taken on a new dimension. The VW Amarok had this part of the sector to itself until the X-Class turned up, while the Ford Ranger was also a classy alternative. Other new arrivals in recent years include the Fiat Fullback and SsangYong Musso, while the Renault Alaskan is due to hit the market in 2018.

So that’s where we stand on the pick-up front, now what about the best pick-ups on sale? With nine models on sale in the UK (China’s Great Wall Steed is no longer on sale here), we can’t make a full top 10, so here’s our round-up. Click the links below or at the top left of this page to discover our view on all the pick-up models currently available…

The best pick-up trucks to buy now

  • 1. Mitsubishi L200
  • 2. Fiat Fullback
  • 3. Nissan Navara
  • 4. Mercedes X-Class
  • 5. Volkswagen Amarok
  • 6. Toyota Hilux
  • 7. Ford Ranger
  • 8. Isuzu D-Max
  • 9. SsangYong Musso
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