Best Pressure Washers 2019

Blast away grime with our pick of the best powerful cleaners on sale

There’s nothing like a pressure washer to take the strain out of car cleaning, but even if you own one, a stream of new models can tempt you to upgrade.

Makers aren’t just chasing higher outputs, but also safety; too much power can damage a car. Kärcher has its own pressure monitoring and guide system, and rivals are offering more compact units, hoping to draw buyers with limited storage. So which of the class of Continue reading “Best Pressure Washers 2019”

Used Audi R8 review

A full used buyer’s guide on the Audi R8 supercar covering the R8 Mk1 (2007-2015)VerdictAudi’s first attempt at a supercar shook up the establishment and it continues to do so. With the earliest examples now a dozen years old, some reliability and build quality glitches are starting to appear. These can be expensive to fix, but this model is relatively cheap to buy and run compared with many rivals, and it’s proving to be made to a very high standard. Running an Aston, Porsche, Ferrari or Continue reading “Used Audi R8 review”

Best coolant testers 2019

We pick from eight coolant testers to find out which is the best at checking engine fluid

You don’t just have water in your radiator, but also coolant. Often called antifreeze, this raises the boiling point and drops the freezing point of the mix and, in modern engines, stops corrosion. That mix of coolant and water is key, and incorrect dilution stops it working as it should, so a tester to keep an eye on it is a cheap and handy garage tool.

Which is the best to ensure your cooling Continue reading “Best coolant testers 2019”

Used Fiat 500X review

A full used buyer’s guide on the Fiat 500X covering the 500X Mk1 (2015-date)VerdictThe Fiat 500X didn’t feature in our Driver Power 2019 survey but came 71st out of 75 cars last year, suggesting things could be better. Owners on our sister site give a very wide spread of opinions on the 500X. There are several one or two-star ratings, but plenty of five-star verdicts, too. The key seems to be to buy the right model for you, and thoroughly check over any car before you buy it. Continue reading “Used Fiat 500X review”

Best GoPro and action cameras 2019

Which of these seven action cameras is best for fixing to your car to record a favourite drive for posterity?

If you are a fan of track days, off-road thrills or simply driving great roads, chances are you will eventually want an action camera to record your adventures.

These tiny devices can be mounted in or around the cabin, on a helmet and even outside the car to provide detailed footage of your driving from just about any angle you want. With waterproof casings and image-stabilisation Continue reading “Best GoPro and action cameras 2019”

Used Mazda MX-5 review

A full used buyer’s guide on the Mazda MX-5 covering the MX-5 Mk4 (2015-date)VerdictIt seems such a simple formula, yet in the 30 years since the MX-5 arrived, nobody else has managed to emulate this brilliant – and brilliantly affordable – roadster. We love it so much that every year since it launched, it’s picked up the Best Roadster gong at our annual New Car Awards. The Mk4 version is light, powerful, economical and better equipped than its predecessors. It’s also more luxurious Continue reading “Used Mazda MX-5 review”

Used Porsche Cayenne review

A full used buyer’s guide on the Porsche Cayenne covering the Cayenne Mk2 (2011-2017)VerdictPorsche is no longer a sports car and supercar brand; it’s an SUV manufacturer that also sells large quantities of 911s, Caymans and Boxsters each year. The company’s biggest-selling model globally is the Cayenne, and it’s easy to see why. Here is a car that’s got it all: a superb image, peerless build quality, exceptional handling, brilliant performance and decent practicality. Plus with a Continue reading “Used Porsche Cayenne review”

Used Audi Q5 review

A full used buyer’s guide on the Audi Q5 covering the Q5 Mk1 (2008-2017)VerdictBuyers couldn’t get enough of the Q5 when it was launched, and at one point Audi’s SUV was so popular that it was among the slowest-depreciating cars on sale. Now the earliest models are more than a decade old and, with a second-generation version currently in showrooms, things have calmed down. You’ll still have to pay a surprising amount to secure a Q5, though, and running costs tend to be high. As a Continue reading “Used Audi Q5 review”

Best fabric protectors for your car 2019

Which fabric protector spray best holds back stains from car seats and carpets best?

While leather upholstery is often seen as the top choice for premium car trim, many people still prefer fabric – it’s softer, warmer and grippier. But it’s also easier to stain, which is where these fabric protectors come in. They form a hydrophobic layer over the fabric, meaning liquid simply beads and rolls off rather than soaking in. We’ve tested eight to see which is the best.

How we tested them Continue reading “Best fabric protectors for your car 2019”

Best wireless charger phone holders 2019

We test the best wireless charger phone holders to find out which you should buy.

A wireless car charger makes charging your smartphone on the go incredibly easy, but what if you need to use your phone for sat-nav while driving? Inductive phone holders are the answer.

Most of us charge our phones at home or at work, but a QI (pronounced chee) inductive wireless holder lets you revive it in-car without fiddling with cables. Newer smartphones have QI capability, but most can be adapted by Continue reading “Best wireless charger phone holders 2019”