Used Fiat Grande Punto review

A full used buyer’s guide on the Fiat Grande Punto covering the Grande Punto Mk1 (2006-2018)VerdictThe Punto is an old design and was built to a price, so it may not be immediately appealing – but don’t be too dismissive. While it’s no class leader, you get a stylish supermini with a surprisingly roomy cabin and reasonable kit if you avoid entry-level models. It’s also quite a lot of fun to drive, especially in Abarth spec. So if you’re after a cheap runabout or a first car, a Punto Continue reading “Used Fiat Grande Punto review”

Best towbar-mounted storage boxes

Looking for an alternative to roof boxes to stash loads? We test solutions that sit on your towbar

Roof boxes are great for increasing your car’s load-lugging ability, but they’d be so much better if they weren’t so high up. Imagine not having to stretch to install, remove, fill and unload them.

And wouldn’t it be a bonus if your fully laden car didn’t suffer increased wind noise, reduced economy, and problems with height-restricted car parks? Fortunately, towbar-mounted rear Continue reading “Best towbar-mounted storage boxes”

Best online tyre retailers 2019

Save money by buying new tyres on the web, but where is the best place to buy car tyres online?

Whether you’re looking to switch to a set of winter rubber to get through the cold weather, or thinking ahead to the spring with the latest summer pattern, buying new tyres is a pricey business. So it pays to do your research and find the best deal around.

Yet while you shouldn’t choose new tyres on price, once you’ve selected the right design for your car, you can save a small fortune by Continue reading “Best online tyre retailers 2019”

Best cordless vacuum cleaners: 2019 group test

Which of eight powerful cordless vacuum cleaners can make light work of filthy interiors in winter?

Cleaning your cabin makes sense, particularly in winter weather. Your carpets and seats are under constant attack from dust and food, while leaves, mud and abrasive grit can destroy carpet pile. 

With no trailing cable, a cordless vac is safe and convenient. A removable battery means you could buy a second to charge while the unit is in use. Many companies now also offer a range of products Continue reading “Best cordless vacuum cleaners: 2019 group test”

Used BMW X5 review

A full used buyer’s guide on the BMW X5 covering the X5 Mk3 (2013-2018)VerdictWhile you’ll need to remain on the road to get the best out of an X5, if you spend time behind the wheel you’ll see you can have your cake and eat it. You’ll enjoy a lofty seating position with the advantages of forward visibility that brings, but there’s no real dynamic penalty to pay. These are sought-after cars, though, so the X5 is costly to buy on the used market, while running costs tend to be steep, Continue reading “Used BMW X5 review”

Best microfibre cloths and car drying towels 2019

Which microfibre is best for a freshly rinsed car? We test the market leaders for the ultimate drying power…

After the effort of washing and rinsing, it is tempting to let the car dry itself. But that shiny, wet finish soon disappears, leaving behind spots from the minerals in the water, so it pays to dry the bodywork thoroughly. 

There’s a range of options from pricey air blowers to blades that shift water quickly, but run the risk of dragging grit across paintwork. The most Continue reading “Best microfibre cloths and car drying towels 2019”

Best rotary multitools 2019

Which of these versatile hand tools is your car DIY must-have? We take a look at eight of them

There’s not much beyond the scope of a rotary multitool, which can get into places beyond the reach of cordless drills. These products are incredibly versatile: they can grind, clean, sand, polish, sharpen and even repair damaged hand tools with ease.

We looked at eight corded models in this test; clearly they don’t have the convenience of cordless versions, but they offer more power without Continue reading “Best rotary multitools 2019”

Used Toyota Prius review

A full used buyer’s guide on the Toyota Prius covering the Prius Mk4 (2015-date)VerdictThe Mk4 Prius scooped the Green Award at the Auto Express New Car Awards 2016 and followed this up with two consecutive golds (2016 and 2017) in our sister site Carbuyer’s New Car Awards for Most Economical Car and Best Hybrid Small Car. To claim so many titles in such a short space of time, a car really does have to be something pretty special and there’s no doubt that the Prius is just that, with its Continue reading “Used Toyota Prius review”

Best workshop hand cleaners 2019

Which workshop hand cleaner shifts muck from your skin best after DIY work on your car?

Working on cars is inevitably a seriously messy task with oil; grease and road grime all finding their way onto your hands. To shift ground-in filth it’s best to invest in a specialist heavy-duty hand cleaner; relying on soap and lots of scrubbing with a nailbrush is hard on the skin, and often nowhere near as effective as a cleaner designed to tackle typical car grime.  So which is the one to clean Continue reading “Best workshop hand cleaners 2019”

Used Audi RS 3 review

A full used buyer’s guide on the Audi RS 3 covering the current generation RS 3 (2015-date)VerdictTwo decades ago the Ferrari 360 was a state-of-the-art junior supercar with its 400bhp V8. This Audi packs similar power in a practical package that allows you to take the whole family (and their luggage) with you. Cheaper to buy and run than the Ferrari, the RS 3 is a performance-car bargain, although it’s still not cheap to own – especially if you drive it as it was designed to be driven. A Continue reading “Used Audi RS 3 review”