Best soft top cleaners 2018

Which of these fabric roof cleaners is best for keeping your convertible's soft top clean?

A conventional cabrio with a fabric roof needs more care than your average tin-top. Attacked by acid rain, detritus in the air, bird lime, tree sap and ultraviolet rays, it needs regular cleaning and reproofing, typically twice a year. 

Always treat the whole fabric roof otherwise it will be patchy, and it’s advisable to wear eye and hand protection as some cleaners have aggressive chemicals Continue reading “Best soft top cleaners 2018”

Best power car polishers 2018

A powered polisher will take the strain out of giving your bodywork a shine. But which of our budget polishers is a smooth operator?

Polishing the paintwork and buffing wax on your car can be hard work, so many drivers don’t bother. But a 240v polisher will take the grind out of the job. It can also be used with a suitable cutting compound or scratch remover to lift out swirl marks and light scratches from the surface of the paint. 

Detailing enthusiasts may pay hundreds of pounds for Continue reading “Best power car polishers 2018”

Compare car insurance: best comparison sites 2018

It pays to shop around and compare your car insurance options, so we test the best car insurance price comparison sites

It doesn’t matter if you’re old or young, male or female or own a supercar or an SUV, you’ll always need motor insurance. Getting the best deal possible can help ease the burden on your bank balance, and that’s where a good comparison website can step in to find the cheapest and most relevant cover for you.

These websites promise to save you hundreds of Continue reading “Compare car insurance: best comparison sites 2018”

Best cool boxes: 2018 group test

Which cool box is the best for picnics on the move? We test nine

Whether you’re a day tripper or a weekend warrior, long car journeys can be made all the more tolerable if you’re carrying a cool box full of chilled drinks and snacks. And taking bottles of your favourite fizz will save a fortune on buying from vendors at tourist traps or motorway service stations.

If you buy a box that can take power from your car’s 12-volt socket, then you may also be able to keep food warm, while a Continue reading “Best cool boxes: 2018 group test”

Best cordless drills: 2018 group test

Which of these powerful cordless drills is our pick for DIY jobs on the car? Read on to find out…

Few things are as useful when working on a car as a cordless drill. As well as drilling, it comes into its own as a screwdriver, sander and buffer, plus for wire-brushing, and all without the hassle of a power cable. 

Advances in motors and batteries mean most give little away to mains drills. Measured in Amp hours (Ah), a bigger battery gives more running time but costs and weighs Continue reading “Best cordless drills: 2018 group test”

How to make your car shine: We look behind the sheens

We speak to car polish experts as they give away their trade secrets on wax…

As cars develop over the years, so does the aftermarket sector. And waxes are a prime example. With new metal surfaces, paint finishes and tougher customer demands, producers now have to come up with more versatile solutions. 

As with any aftermarket product, a huge amount of science, research and trial and error goes into each wax compound. Natural waxes often come with the highest gloss, while synthetics Continue reading “How to make your car shine: We look behind the sheens”

Product Awards 2018: the winners

Our 2018 Product Awards reveals the best kit you can buy to keep your car in perfect condition

Want to keep your car in pristine condition or make sure that it is fitted with the latest and greatest gadgets? You’ve never had it so good. Car care and car tech is one of the major growth areas of the aftermarket, with new products and brands hitting the accessory shop shelves and online retailers every year.

Each is claimed to have the ultimate solution, the most effective cleaner, clearest Continue reading “Product Awards 2018: the winners”

Best pressure washers: 2018 group test

We take the best pressure washers on sale in the UK and find out which is best for your cleaning needs

A pressure washer will help you quickly and effectively clean your car, and they are also incredibly useful if you have a patio to clean, which is why it is vital to know which are the best.

They shift grime quickly, and blast mud away from wheelarches. They’re good for your paint, too; blasting grit away is less risky than shifting it by wiping. Even environmentalists see the Continue reading “Best pressure washers: 2018 group test”

Best car window shades 2018

We test the best car sun blinds to decide which product you need to keep your passengers in the shade

Long journeys on hot summer days can be a nightmare, especially for rear seat passengers if tinted glass hasn’t been fitted. The sun’s ultra-violet (UV) A/B rays can cause sunburn or even skin cancer, and the glare itself can be very unpleasant.

In addition, the sun will heat up a car’s interior, even with the air-con working. So it makes sense to add sunblinds, especially where Continue reading “Best car window shades 2018”