Used Ford S-MAX review

A full used buyer's guide on the Ford S-MAX covering the S-MAX Mk1 (2006-2015)VerdictFord created a new genre when it introduced the S-MAX: the sporting people carrier. Importantly, the focus remained on comfort and practicality, with luxury on the posher editions. We’re such fans of the S-MAX that we voted it Britain’s Best MPV at our New Car Awards three years in a row, because of “its eye-catching interior, razor-sharp chassis and adaptable seven-seat cabin”. The S-MAX also Continue reading “Used Ford S-MAX review”

Used Skoda Superb review

A full used car buyer's guide on the Skoda Superb covering the Mk2 (2008-2015)

When Skoda started to work with the VW Group in 1991, the Czech firm was the butt of endless jokes. No one could understand why one of the world’s slickest car makers would team up with a manufacturer from the other side of the old Iron Curtain. But the partnership has been an incredible success at every stage.

Nowhere is this more evident than with Skoda’s biggest and plushest car, the Superb. Continue reading “Used Skoda Superb review”

Best wireless charger phone holders

We test the best wireless charger phone holders to find out which you should buy.

A wireless car charger makes charging your smartphone on the go incredibly easy, but what if you need to use your phone for sat-nav while driving? Inductive phone holders are the answer.

Most of us charge our phones at home or at work, but a QI (pronounced chee) inductive wireless holder lets you revive it in-car without fiddling with cables. Newer smartphones have QI built-in, but most models can be adapted Continue reading “Best wireless charger phone holders”

Tyre reviews: best car tyres 2018

Which are the best tyres for your car? Our experts test the biggest-selling 17-inch size to the limit to give you the answer

Which are the safest, most fuel efficient and quietest tyres for your car? That’s what our annual tyre test aims to find out – and it’s more comprehensive than ever! The pace at of tyre development is frenetic as drivers and car makers demand ever more performance.

That shorter development cycle can be seen in this year’s tyre test, where not one of the 10 Continue reading “Tyre reviews: best car tyres 2018”

Michelin Pilot Sport 4 review

Our former test winner was close to repeating its previous success this time round

Last time we tested the Pilot Sport 4 it won our 16-inch test. In 2018 the 17-inch version has to settle for a very close joint second. In this size it couldn’t repeat the string of podium finishes, although it was close to the leaders when it did drop out of the top three.

As it’s more of a replacement for the Super Sport than the Sport 3, it was no surprise to see it happiest in the dry. It was Continue reading “Michelin Pilot Sport 4 review”

Dunlop Sport Maxx RT2 review

The Sport Maxx RT2 is a strong all-round tyre with impressive deep-water grip

As with its Goodyear stablemate, the Dunlop Sport Maxx RT2 was launched in 2016 and was among the better performers in that year’s 16-inch tyre test. The smaller version pipped the Asymmetric 3 then, and in 17-inch form it came close to taking the win this time.

For driving in heavy rain this is the tyre to fit because it was at the front in the aquaplaning tests. There was a win in the curved test and a joint Continue reading “Dunlop Sport Maxx RT2 review”

Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 review

Asymetric 3 is close to the best on test, with only its wet performance holding it back

We last tested the Asymmetric 3 in 2016 in 16-inch form, shortly after it was launched. Now two years later it has gone one better and is noticeably closer to the leaders. Goodyear’s engineers have found something when it comes to fuel economy. This time it was among the best of the rest behind runaway leader Bridgestone. It also had a useful advantage over the P Zero, which topped 2016’s rolling Continue reading “Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 review”

Hankook S1 evo2 review

Solid performance from the Hankook S1 evo2 in the face of newer designs

It’s doubtful Hankook will be pleased with this result after a string of top-six finishes in our recent tests, including two fourth places; but it needs to look at the gap to the front. The company is closer than ever to the top performers. Closer than even when it took those two fourth places.

Fuel economy is the S1 evo2’s biggest failing. A better result here would have seen it move up a couple of positions. It Continue reading “Hankook S1 evo2 review”