Winter tyre reviews 2018: results by category

Which winter tyre performed well in which area? Our tables reveal all

We’re not sure what Bridgestone has done to its LM001 tyre for this EVO version, but it isn’t enough, particularly in the wet and on snow. Meanwhile, Falken made a solid debut in our tests, although it struggled in the wet conditions.

The next four tyres were very closely matched; Nokian’s WR D4 had the edge in the snow, but fared less well in the wet. Dunlop’s Winter Sport 5 was inconsistent, with some decent Continue reading “Winter tyre reviews 2018: results by category”

Best winter tyres 2018: tyre brands reviewed and UK prices compared

Before the temperature starts to tumble, we pick the best winter tyres available for your car

You don’t need to wait until the first snowflakes fall to decide that it’s a good idea to switch to winter tyres.

Even if there’s no snow, winter tyres perform better, particularly in the wet, than the UK default ‘summer’ tyre when temperatures drop below around seven degrees Centigrade. You can guarantee we will have conditions like that this winter, and the colder it gets, the bigger Continue reading “Best winter tyres 2018: tyre brands reviewed and UK prices compared”

Best mini jump starter packs 2018

The market offers plenty of small jump starters for every purpose, but which packs the most punch? Here's our verdict

The best mini jump starter packs are there for you when your battery can almost but not quite fire up your car. Progress in lithium battery technology means every driver can now keep a jump starter in the car, so there is no need to let a flat battery ruin your day. These power packs deliver punch beyond their sub-paperback size, and they can easily be slipped into a Continue reading “Best mini jump starter packs 2018”

Best DAB car radio adaptors: 2018 group test

Want to fit a DAB digital radio into an older car? We've test eight popular DAB adaptors to establish the best

Want your car to have access to the best sound and the most radio stations? Then you’ll need a digital radio. While most new-car buyers get DAB as standard, owners of older vehicles have to make do with FM. This is where DAB adaptors come in; they will tune existing in-car audio systems to DAB frequencies. 

Many adaptors available today come as easy-to-install Continue reading “Best DAB car radio adaptors: 2018 group test”

Apple CarPlay: review, user guide and everything you need to know

All the info on Apple CarPlay – the system that lets you use your iPhone on the move in your car

In-car entertainment has evolved over the years, and today clever software like Apple CarPlay gives a level of connectivity for iPhone users that would’ve been unheard of even five years ago. Better still is the fact that this software is readily available on a wide range of new cars, so even the most basic city car can become a hub of connectivity by plugging in your smartphone – sat-nav, Continue reading “Apple CarPlay: review, user guide and everything you need to know”

Best mini air compressors for car tyres: 2018 group test

We test the best 12V tyre compressors, to inflate flats and keep your air pressures correct…

Convenient, safe and economical, a 12V compressor has everything going for it. There’s no wait in a queue at a petrol station air line – a double bonus, because many garage gauges are inaccurate – so you can check and top up your tyres whenever you need to.

With correct pressures, your car will handle, brake and corner as it should, while low pressures would mean poorer mpg, too. In Continue reading “Best mini air compressors for car tyres: 2018 group test”

Used BMW 4 Series review

A full used buyer’s guide on the BMW 4 Series covering the 4 Series Mk1 (2013- date)VerdictWe were really impressed when we first drove the BMW 4 Series, loving the attention to detail with the cabin design and ergonomics, the build quality and the driving experience. That first drive was of the range-topping 435i Coupé; when we got behind the wheel of the Convertible soon after, it was clear that the two bodystyles are quite different to drive. The Coupé feels sportier, while the Continue reading “Used BMW 4 Series review”

Used DS 3 review

A full used buyer’s guide on the DS 3 featuring the Citroen DS3 (2010-2016) and DS 3 (2016-date)VerdictThe DS 3 might be nothing more than a rebadged Citroen, but does that matter when it is appealing on so many levels? The metamorphosis from Citroen DS3 to standalone DS 3 didn’t fool anyone, but by the time the brand’s smallest car was facelifted in 2016 it looked sharper and brought some useful updates. While range-topping DS 3s are costly to purchase new, they can be better value as a Continue reading “Used DS 3 review”

Best pliers sets: 2018 group test

Which of eight full pliers kits is the perfect pick for use on a car?

Like screwdrivers and spanners, pliers are best bought as a set because just one limits your options. Combination pliers are great all-rounders, but they’re often compromised by their short, squared-off jaws and limited reach. Slender, long-nose pliers are easier for jobs involving placing, or retrieving, components from recesses. Similarly, side cuts are less fiddly for chopping wires, as combis’ cutting blades are Continue reading “Best pliers sets: 2018 group test”

Best waterless car wash 2018

Top up the shine on your car, or give it a quick clean in the garage, as we pick from a variety of buys for hose-free washing

From being a niche product before hosepipe bans hit the UK, waterless cleaners are now a must for any car care range – even when the reservoirs are full.

A waterless cleaner is also great for using undercover or in the garage if you’re dodging summer showers. If time is short, they’re often faster than a bucket and sponge plus a tin of wax when cleaning and Continue reading “Best waterless car wash 2018”