Best cordless impact wrench 2018

These battery-powered cordless impact wrenches take the strain out of car DIY

A good impact wrench is a great addition to any workshop, taking virtually all of the strain out of wheel changing. Modern battery and motor technology means the best cordless electric wrenches are as good as their compressor-powered predecessors, and are much more convenient because they have no hoses to contend with.

The latest designs are also light and compact, which makes them good for use in general Continue reading “Best cordless impact wrench 2018”

Best online route planners: 2018 group test

Planning a journey in advance? We log on to test the Internet’s best free route planning services

Plotting a route before leaving the house can help you avoid traffic hotspots on a long journey. While many people will simply hop in the car and rely on a sat-nav, having an idea of where hold-ups might be and what the alternative routes are can be vital to getting there on time. 

And some drivers still like a printed list of step-by-step directions in case they find themselves in a Continue reading “Best online route planners: 2018 group test”

Best multi-tools: 2018 group test

Which of these 11 all-round multi-tool stars is a glovebox essential?

A multi tool is one of the best pieces of car kit to drop in your glovebox. These products cut, grip, tighten and remove screws, plus come with other features that are handy when stuck on the side of the road.

A multi tool’s benefits won’t stop on the roadside, as they’re handy to have when camping, cycling or hiking, as well as for various tasks around the house. There are many on the market for all budgets. To Continue reading “Best multi-tools: 2018 group test”