Best car wash wax sprays 2019

Car wash wax sprays are the ultimate time savers, but which work best? We test nine to find out…

Wash waxes are perfect for adding paint protection when time or motivation doesn’t enable conventional sealants to be applied. Essentially they allow you to provide protection as you dry the car after washing.

Using a wash wax spray means you either save time in drying the car or by not having to apply protection once the panels are dry, and the best work as well as many spray or liquid Continue reading “Best car wash wax sprays 2019”

Best car workshop vacuum cleaners 2019

Which vacuum cleaner is best for heavy-duty car cleaning? We pick from eight top buys to find out

As cordless vacs make mains models obsolete around the home, there’s now a greater need to invest in something a bit more heavy duty for your car and workshop.

While cordless models are brilliant at shifting light household dust, hefty dirt can cause problems with cyclones and filters. Prolonged cleaning often falls foul of limited battery life, too. Workshop vacs, on the other hand, Continue reading “Best car workshop vacuum cleaners 2019”

Best trolley jacks: 2019 group test

What’s the best heavy lifter for DIY work? We test nine of the best to find out…

Lots of DIY tasks need a car to be raised off the ground, but jacks supplied in the boots of most cars are lightweight and designed just for emergencies. A trolley jack is a better, safer option and, for most models, not expensive. It may be tempting to use the jack supplied to change the tyres, but you should resist; these are for emergency use only when faced with a puncture away from home. Their Continue reading “Best trolley jacks: 2019 group test”

Used BMW X6 review

A full used buyer’s guide on the BMW X6 covering the X6 Mk2 (2015-date)VerdictThere’s a noticeable element of style over substance with the X6, but if ultimate carrying capacity isn’t your highest priority, then this is a car that’s surprisingly easy to recommend. That’s because, as you would expect of anything wearing that hallowed BMW badge, the X6 is genuinely enjoyable to drive, superbly put together and features all of the latest safety and luxury tech you could possibly ask for. Continue reading “Used BMW X6 review”

Best car screen wash to buy in 2019

Which screenwash formula will cut through grime and help to boost visibility in all temperatures? We test eight to find out

You don’t have to be a passionate detailer to buy screenwash. Just like oil, pretty much every driver will buy it, because few things are more irritating behind the wheel than trying to clear a mucky screen only for the wipers to make visibility worse as the pump delivers nothing but air.

And, like oil, it’s one of the more complex products to buy; once you’ve Continue reading “Best car screen wash to buy in 2019”

Best LED head torches 2019

An LED head torch lights up under your bonnet and leaves your hands free to work. We pick the best from eight…

There are lots of times when drivers need extra light when working under the bonnet, wheelarch or elsewhere on a car.

It may seem that inspection lamps are arriving every month, but there is still a place for a head torch as they can put the light exactly where you are looking and leaves both your hands free to work. This also makes them perfect for sorting out night-time Continue reading “Best LED head torches 2019”

Best car air fresheners 2019

Get your car smelling nice again as we choose the best car air fresheners from brands like Jelly Belly and Yankee Candle

Despite selling in there hundreds of thousands every year, air fresheners are still either loved or hated by drivers. Spray versions tend to be the best solution for many people, because they can get rid of unpleasant smells, but don’t hang around in the interior for weeks.

From mirror hangers and vent mounts to designs that pop under the seat or in a cup-holder, Continue reading “Best car air fresheners 2019”

Used Toyota Hilux review

A full used buyer’s guide on the Toyota Hilux pick-up covering the Hilux Mk8 (2015-date)VerdictThe Hilux is the perfect vehicle for those who need loads of space this winter, because it’s tough and sure-footed in Arctic conditions, while also offering plenty of carrying capacity. It’s ideal for towing as well, and you might have to do just that, because the most practical variant of all, the single-cab, is very hard to find on the used market. Of the 200-plus used Hiluxes we found for Continue reading “Used Toyota Hilux review”

Best multitools 2019

We find out which of these handy all-in-one multitools is best to keep in your car’s glovebox

A multitool is a great addition to any glovebox. It cuts, grips, turns screws and can prove invaluable to motorists during a car breakdown, when it could help to get you back in the road.

A multitool’s benefit won’t end on the roadside, either, because it will also prove useful for small jobs around the house or in the workshop. A good multitool will quickly become a handy companion during Continue reading “Best multitools 2019”

Used Kia Cee’d review

A full used buyer’s guide on the Kia Cee’d covering the Cee’d Mk2 (2012-2018)VerdictAs Kia has moved upmarket in recent years, the desirability of its cars has increased – along with the prices. But sales have stayed strong, which is no surprise because Kia still produces some of the best-value cars in each of the segments in which it competes, and some of the most reliable. The Cee’d is a perfect case in point because it comes with more kit than many of its rivals but costs less. Continue reading “Used Kia Cee’d review”