Best new cars for 2019

These are the best new cars set to arrive in 2019, featuring a particularly fine crop of EVs, hybrids, SUVs and sports cars…

If 2018 is the year of the SUV, the best new cars for 2019 will be all about electrification, as there are a host of new hybrid and full EV models in the pipeline.

All-new electric cars such as the Porsche Taycan, Mini EV and Mercedes EQC are leading the way as we head towards the end of the decade, and there will even be a hybrid version of the Ford Continue reading “Best new cars for 2019”

Best used cars to buy now – our 2018 Used Car Awards winners

Bag a used car bargain as our ultimate buying guide identifies the Used Cars of the Year winners – the best used cars to buy now

Spend wisely and a used buy can be a great way to cut down motoring costs – especially with second-hand hybrid, plug-in and electric models becoming more affordable. However, it can also be a smart way to pick up a cheap city car, something sporty or luxurious, or practical family transport.

Our guide to the best used cars to buy 2018 walks you through Continue reading “Best used cars to buy now – our 2018 Used Car Awards winners”

Best new cars for 2020 and beyond

Here are the best cars set to arrive on the automotive scene in 2020 and beyond…

Electric cars are already commonplace now but in future years, manufacturers will up the ante in terms of EV production and also the range of EVs available to buy. With increasingly tighter emissions tests and cities such as London planning on banning all petrol and diesel-powered vehicles, car manufacturers will be ditching the internal combustion engine in favour of electrification.

• Best Continue reading “Best new cars for 2020 and beyond”

Driver Power reveals the best cars for comfort, tech, safety, economy and more

Driver Power, our most comprehensive car customer satisfaction survey ever, crowns the winning cars in eight different categories

We’ve counted down Britain’s Top 75 new cars to own in our Driver Power car owner satisfaction survey, but now, we drill down deeper into the data, to find the winners of eight important categories.

Of the Driver Power ranking categories (there are actually 31 sub-categories which contribute to the evaluation of each car) there is always one car which Continue reading “Driver Power reveals the best cars for comfort, tech, safety, economy and more”

Best small 4x4s 2018

If you need practical 4×4 capability without big SUV fuel bills, try our top 10 small 4x4s instead

Small 4x4s deliver a great mix of talents for drivers needing practicality, off-road ability and rugged style in a single package. These cars deliver all of these to varying degrees, and here we’ve listed 10 of the best that cover a range of styles, shapes and sizes.

The small 4×4 class has changed beyond recognition in recent years. Up until recently, the only genuine small 4×4 you could buy Continue reading “Best small 4x4s 2018”

Future classics: modern classic car investments that could make you money

Identifying future classic cars is a tricky but potentially lucrative business, here are our 2018 future classic recommendations.

Buying future classic cars is a notoriously difficult thing to do successfully. It’s a big commitment to invest your money into a car in the hope that it will appreciate in value to turn a huge profit several years down the line and with so many variables and pitfalls, choosing the right vehicle for your cash is absolutely crucial.

To try and guide classic car Continue reading “Future classics: modern classic car investments that could make you money”

Best supercars 2018

The 10 best supercars on sale today offer performance, thrills and outstanding style

Having a supercar on your driveway is a great way to show the world you are doing well for yourself, but owning a truly great supercar also shows petrolheads you have an excellent taste in cars. Affordable and cheap these cars are not, but in return for your hard earned money they offer you exceptional performance, luxurious finish and the power to turn heads wherever you go.

Supercars come from all kinds Continue reading “Best supercars 2018”

Best cheap fast cars 2018

Driving thrills on a budget? Look no further than our best cheap fast cars

Sadly, fast, powerful cars are expensive. Most petrolheads drool over ridiculously high-powered supercars or rip-snorting sports cars yet such machinery tends to be far removed from the cars most car fans actually have the budget to buy. Spending thousands upon thousands of Pounds on buying, insuring and maintaining a high performance car is an avenue open to very few of us but the are cheap, fast cars that bring some Continue reading “Best cheap fast cars 2018”

Best 7-seater cars on sale in 2018

Here are the best 7-seat cars on sale in the UK, including the best SUVs and MPVs with 7-seat layouts

If you have a large family, then a 7-seater is the best kind of car on sale to transport them around. In the past, the easiest way to transport up to seven people would’ve been in a van with extra seats inside. The other alternative was to buy a big estate car with a pair of occasional rear-facing seats in the boot, although obviously this compromised how much luggage you could carry in the Continue reading “Best 7-seater cars on sale in 2018”