Consider Your Tyres Before The Cold Snap

We haven’t had a cold snap so far this year and the back of 2018 was surprisingly warm.  That being said, there’s still a discussion around whether a second ‘Beast From The East’ is going to hit.  That’s why we at Car Articles wanted again to offer a very brief mention on tyres.  There are only four contact patches keeping your car on the road.  You’ll want a tyre that is free from damage, has plenty of grip and is inflated to the correct pressure.

If you don’t know how to check any of these things, call in to your local garage and ask for a tyre check.  Locations around the UK including Kwik Fit will carry this out for free!  Stopping distances can be up to ten times greater and no-one wants to be stranded in icy/frozen conditions.  Show your car some love – make sure the tyres are up to task.

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