Falken Euro All Season AS200

Overall score: 95.3%Falken Euro All Season AS200

You have to question whether an asymmetric tread is the right way to go for an all-season tyre, because the two tested here finished at the bottom of the results table.

Fortunately, the Falken is much closer to the pace than the Tristar. It’s happiest on snow, where it was second behind the new Continental with a useful margin over the chasing pack. It lacked the bite of the AllSeasonContact, but kept the rear safely controlled and lost grip progressively.

It was less competitive elsewhere and really struggled in wet braking, where it needed almost five metres more than the pace-setting Michelin to stop. The rear was stable in wet handling, but the tyres struggled to maintain front grip as the lock increased. The price is tempting, but you’ll pay for it at the pumps.

We say: “A star in the snow. Needs to deliver a more balanced performance.”

Blackcircles.com say: “Noticeably lower tyre label ratings compared with many others here. Seems to match the lower review scores from buyers; tyre wear is often singled out.”

ResultsSnow braking94%5thSnow traction97.9%2ndSnow circle99.1%2ndSnow handling99.3%2ndStraight aquaplaning93.7%5thCurved aquaplaning87.7%5thWet braking86.6%5thWet handling95.2%5thWet circle94.8%5thDry braking84.1%6thDry handling97.1%5thRolling resistance78.2%6thCabin noise99.7%=2ndPrice£92.44 Previous: 4. Nokian Weatherproof Next: 6. Tristar Ecopower 4S

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