First Porsche 964 EV-Swapped by Everrati in the US

The luxury EV conversion specialist gives the 964 a performance boost, in addition to a restoration.

porsche 911 by everrati
  • EV conversion specialist Everrati delivers the first Porsche 911 EV-swapped in the US with its conversion program.
  • The electric 964 offers over 200 miles of range and is powered by a 62-kWh battery.
  • Everrati also offers EV conversion and restoration for other vehicles, including classic Land Rovers and Range Rovers.

    Porsche may not be planning to roll out an electric 911 in the immediate future, but that doesn't mean you can't get an electric 911. UK-based EV conversion specialist Everrati has just delivered its first battery-electric 911—a 964 to be precise—to the US, amid recently announced plans to offer other classics stateside.

    The build itself was performed by the Everrati's technical partner, Aria Group, based in California. The company's 964 isn't just a conversion. It includes a complete restoration along with a number of technical upgrades, offering a range of over 200 miles courtesy of a 62-kWh battery pack in place of the engine. And the car itself now produces 440 hp.

    One of the benefits is 0-to-60 mph launches in less than four seconds, accompanied only by tire noise. And it's compatible with DC fast-charging.

    "It is a huge milestone for Everrati to see the completion of our first US customer car, which will now undergo final pre-delivery testing before handover to the customer," said Everrati founder and CEO Justin Lunny. "This is both a sign of our rapidly growing presence in markets around the globe, especially North America, and a representation of the shifting paradigm in car ownership for a conscious, progressive, and responsible generation."

    porsche 911 by everrati
    The 964 is now certainly quicker, but also a lot quieter. Some Porsche purists may not like that.

    Given that a restoration is also involved, Everrati's approach is perhaps best reserved for donor cars that have seen quite a few miles, as well as a quite a few dents—not the lower-mileage 964s that maintain a degree of freshness.

    But for those with a really tired or neglected 911, the EV swap route is certainly an option, provided one has the financial means, as Everrati's conversions (and restorations) aren't for every budget.

    Whether all Porsche purists will agree is another matter, of course. Sympathetic mechanical restorations (or concours-grade restorations) for 964s and other 911 generations are their own cottage industry, with quite a bit of weight placed on originality.

    But if Aston Martin offers factory EV swaps itself, then perhaps 964 EV swaps will become acceptable and more common.

    "We are witnessing a surge in interest from customers across North America, in California, Texas, Florida, and as far as Vancouver, Canada, too, alongside demand from UK, Europe and Asia," Lunny added.

    The price?

    It depends on how much work your 911 donor car needs, but it's also one of those "if you have to ask" things. It's best to budget around $350,000 to start.

    If you had the means and a donor car, would you consider EV-swapping a Porsche 911, or would you seek to merely restore it? Let us know in the comments below.

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