We Want Everything in This 1969 Christmas Gift Buyers Guide

No better collection of go-fast parts, scale model cars and branded Autoweek merch has been assembled since

What's that little anarchist going to do with an Autoweek lighter?

There's an astonishing range of gifts in Competition Press & Autoweek's 1969 Christmas gift buyers guide, which ran in the Nov. 29 issue that year. From gee-gaws to buggy parts, there's something for everybody: We got tankard mugs! We got Autoweek-branded Ronson lighters! We got 100 mm scale model cars imported from Italy (the length of a cigarette, we noted)! We got Mario Andretti racing highlight reel films in either Super 8 or 8 mm!

Seriously, there's a lot of great stuff in here, including a couple of things we're going to be searching for on eBay. We'd tell you what we're looking for, but we don't want to drive up prices. Start your own search below!

Competition Press & Autoweek November 29, 1969 -- Christmas gift buyer's guide

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