5 Cars Discontinued in 2022

Your favorite car might be near the end of its run.

2023 dodge charger and challenger

Your tree is trimmed, the champagne is chilled, and your calendar is getting ready for a trip to the trash can: 2022 is drawing to a close. While that’s an opportunity to think about the year ahead, it’s bad news for a few cars that are wrapping up at the end of this year, or scheduled to head to your uncle’s farm upstate sometime next year. Without further ado, let’s see what cars are heading for the chopping block.

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Ford GT
ford gt lm

Ford’s latest supercar is done. While the GT was originally only scheduled for 250 examples starting in 2016, demand helped Ford justify stretching production to over 1000 more cars than was originally planned. But all good things come to an end, and the GT is no exception. Ford revealed a road-going sendoff model and a track-only variant that features some serious changes to the GT. This V6 scorcher has a solid pedigree of race wins, drama with at least one professional wrestler-turned-actor, and its name association with Ford’s legendary GT40.

Acura NSX
2022 acura nsx type s

Like the Ford GT, Acura brought its beloved NSX’s nameplate back from the grave in 2016 and gave it a modern twist. Despite speculation of a V10-powered NSX, the folks at Honda and Acura unleashed the reborn NSX with a V6 hybrid powertrain. While that decision ruffled some feathers, the NSX still proved to be a fun sports machine that lived up to the nameplate’s legacy. After only five years, the NSX is sending the nameplate back to rest at the end of this model year.

Kia Stinger

The Kia Stinger is what every enthusiast wanted: a rear-drive sports sedan. This adventurous four-door followed the classic formula of yesteryear when it went on sale in 2017. Unfortunately, Kia’s Stinger didn’t become a runaway sales success and rumors started piling up about its impending demise. Kia has officially announced the Stinger is going away after the 2023 model year. The Korean automaker is launching a special Tribute Edition, which will be capped at 1000 examples globally.

Dodge Charger & Challenger
2023 dodge charger and challenger

Earlier this year Dodge announced that its wildly popular, current-generation Charger and Challenger models are coming to an end. Like the Kia Stinger, these models will run through 2023, but the writing officially is on the wall. In 2008, Dodge’s Challenger revived the legendary nameplate that was dormant since 1983. Of course, we all know this Challenger didn’t bring the ‘80s version back to life but took inspiration from the legendary E-Body pony car. While the Challenger is going away, the folks at Dodge are sending it off in style with special Last Call models. More importantly, does anyone think the Challenger is going away for good? (Editors note: No). Its sedan platform-mate, the current-generation Charger, arrived in 2011 but departs at the same time as the Challenger.

Honda Insight
2021 honda insight

This might not be as exciting as Ford shelving its GT or Dodge bidding farewell to the Challenger, but the Honda Insight is dead. The car that helped (along with Toyota Prius) to pioneer the hybrid era started life over two decades ago, but the most recent iteration came online in 2018. Despite a relatively short production run, the four-door Insight has run its course. Unlike almost every other product on this list, the Insight is probably the least likely to return later because it doesn’t have much brand recognition. Honda is simply replacing the Insight with a Civic Hybrid, which effectively was the Insight’s claim to fame.

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