US to finally allow modern, self-dimming adaptive headlights

Audi Matrix LED headlight technology

While automakers have implemented advanced headlight technology in other markets for years, outdated regulations in the United States have kept advances from the market. That will soon change as the U.S. will soon allow self-dimming adaptive headlight technology.

The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration officially proposed the new regulation on October 11, commenting that the technology “has the potential to reduce the risk of crashes by Continue reading “US to finally allow modern, self-dimming adaptive headlights”

Porsche CFO floated idea of IPO, could be valued at $81B, automaker says no way

2019 Porsche Macan

Going public with an IPO is a quick way to raise capital, which is important to Volkswagen Group in the wake of the diesel scandal. Porsche could provide that capital with an IPO of its own, if it were interested.

On Friday finance chief Lutz Meschke floated the idea during a media event for the automaker’s upcoming Taycan electric car. Bloomberg reported Meschke said Porsche could be valued “between 60 billion and 70 billion” euros ($69.4 to $81 billion dollars).

Meschke said funds from a public offering would finance future development as the industry faces “the biggest transformation ever.”

A Porsche U.S. spokesman provided Motor Authority with a public statement about Meschke’s comments. “Porsche does not currently have any plans to pursue a (partial) initial public offering (IPO). The Stuttgart-based sports car manufacturer denies all reports to the contrary that claim an IPO is in progress,” the statement read.

Volkswagen Group could also form a “Super Group” with Bugatti, Lamborghini, Bentley, and Porsche for an IPO.

Meschke referenced that Ferrari had a successful IPO, and Aston Martin recently went public as well.

No formal decisions have been made, but both McLaren and Cosworth have discussed going public in the near future.

Bloomberg reported Porsche had an operating return of more than 17 percent on sales of 32.5 billion euros ($37.68 billion).

V5C log book rules: full guide for car buyers and sellers

Understanding V5C log book rules: a guide for buyers and sellers

Own a car, and you’ll have a registration document that proves it. This is called the V5C, and it shows that you’re the registered keeper of the car and your address for any correspondence relating to the car (it doesn’t need to be where the car is kept). The V5C – which can also be known as the log book or by its old name, V5 – is a vital piece of paperwork that is often forgotten about in the back of a drawer until it comes Continue reading “V5C log book rules: full guide for car buyers and sellers”

Practical driving test tips: how to prepare & pass first time

Are you ready for your practical driving test? Prepare for the big day with our guide and top tips

It’s a special moment for any learner driver when the instructor turns around and utters those momentous words: “I think you’re ready for the test.” By then, you’ll most likely have driven hundreds of miles and have hours of experience under your belt, but if the prospect of taking the driving test doesn’t inspire a certain amount of anxiety or trepidation you’re blessed with Continue reading “Practical driving test tips: how to prepare & pass first time”

Hazard Perception Test tips: all you need to know to pass

Hazard Perception Test tips for learner drivers, and what to expect when you sit it

Hazard perception is a critical factor when it comes to safe driving, and it’s definitely something that improves with experience on the road. In fact, there are plenty of advanced driver training schemes out there that focus on the subject of hazard perception, as being aware of the potential dangers unfolding around you is a potential lifesaver.

The government knows it too, which is why the video-based Continue reading “Hazard Perception Test tips: all you need to know to pass”

Wrong fuel: a guide on what to do if you put petrol in a diesel car

Misfuelling your car can be a costly mistake if you try to drive it, but here's what to do if you put petrol in your diesel car

Incredible as it may sound, motoring organisations reckon that every three to four minutes here in the UK, another unfortunate motorist will be pumping the wrong fuel into their car’s petrol or diesel tank.

If it’s never happened to you be grateful, but don’t pour scorn on those unhappy drivers who’ve put petrol in a diesel car by mistake. A Continue reading “Wrong fuel: a guide on what to do if you put petrol in a diesel car”

New 2019 Skoda Scala to rival VW Golf

All-new Skoda Scala will replace ageing Rapid hatch, transforming into a genuine Volkswagen Golf alternative

Skoda has confirmed the name of its all-new Rapid replacement. The Skoda Scala, which means ‘stairway’ or ‘ladder’ in Latin, will launch before the end of the year, taking the fight to the forthcoming Volkswagen Golf Mk8. Skoda says the Scala will allow the brand to reach “new heights”.

Bernhard Maier, chairman of the board of Skoda said: “With the new Skoda Scala we are Continue reading “New 2019 Skoda Scala to rival VW Golf”

What are dipped headlights and when should you use them?

Are you unsure of what dipped headlights are or how to use them? Let us shed a little light on the subject…

Your car’s dipped headlights are the intermediate step in between sidelights and main beam headlights. New cars also have running lights, but these work autonomously and don’t require any input from the driver, so even if your lights are off, they are on – if you know what we mean.

To change between off (or daytime running lights only), side lights, dipped beam and main beam, Continue reading “What are dipped headlights and when should you use them?”

UK speed limits: everything you need to know

Current UK speed limits explained, as well as their history and use

UK speed limits are a bone of contention with many drivers, but they are a vital part of the UK’s road network. They are the front line of road safety, as they dictate the speed of all traffic, and by setting maximum speeds for different types of road, it means consistent regulation across the country. It also means it’s easier to prosecute those that exceed the speed limit, whether it’s by police enforcement, or via the Continue reading “UK speed limits: everything you need to know”

New BMW X7 flagship teased ahead of official reveal

BMW is getting ready to pull the covers off its flagship X7 SUV, whetting our appetite with a front-end teaser image

BMW has revealed the first official teaser image of its upcoming flagship X7 SUV, which is expected to be revealed in full later this week. It’s our first proper look at BMW’s Mercedes GLS rival, arriving several months after we drove a disguised prototype version back in May.

The darkened pitcure clearly shows the X7’s front end, revealing the SUV’s huge kidney grille and Continue reading “New BMW X7 flagship teased ahead of official reveal”