Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 review

Asymetric 3 is close to the best on test, with only its wet performance holding it back

We last tested the Asymmetric 3 in 2016 in 16-inch form, shortly after it was launched. Now two years later it has gone one better and is noticeably closer to the leaders. Goodyear’s engineers have found something when it comes to fuel economy. This time it was among the best of the rest behind runaway leader Bridgestone. It also had a useful advantage over the P Zero, which topped 2016’s rolling Continue reading “Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 review”

Hankook S1 evo2 review

Solid performance from the Hankook S1 evo2 in the face of newer designs

It’s doubtful Hankook will be pleased with this result after a string of top-six finishes in our recent tests, including two fourth places; but it needs to look at the gap to the front. The company is closer than ever to the top performers. Closer than even when it took those two fourth places.

Fuel economy is the S1 evo2’s biggest failing. A better result here would have seen it move up a couple of positions. It Continue reading “Hankook S1 evo2 review”

Bridgestone Turanza T005 review

Super frugal, but performance needs to be better balanced across all conditions

A lot is riding on the Turanza T005 which, along with the DriveGuard run-flat, is Japanese giant Bridgestone’s only offering in the touring segment spanning 14 to 20-inch wheels.

At launch in January, the T005 replaced the T001 EVO, which was third in last year’s 16-inch test. Bridgestone was no doubt hoping for a stronger result here, but it’s not far off the best. To challenge for the top spots it Continue reading “Bridgestone Turanza T005 review”

Pirelli P Zero review

Good in wet and dry, but work needs to be done on aquaplaning and fuel economy

If you’re haunted by that moment when the motorway traffic in front of you concertinas and brake lights flare, then the P Zero is the tyre to be on, as it nailed our wet and dry braking tests.

While Michelin came closest across the two surfaces, the Pirelli had the edge. Continental was 30cm off in the wet, but needed a metre more to stop in the dry. A great performance, although as we’ve seen before, the Continue reading “Pirelli P Zero review”

Avon ZV7 review

The competition has moved on since Avon last appeared in our tyre tests

It has been more than 10 years since Avon featured in our tyre tests, even though the Cooper-owned British brand has been invited. We hope this result won’t mean another decade passes before it returns because there are few positives in these results; its ZV7 trailed rivals in most tests and was some way behind the next best overall.

The high spot was a win in the cabin noise test, where it proved effective at Continue reading “Avon ZV7 review”

Nokian zLine review

Hopefully Nokian has a new tyre on the way, matching its winter and all-season designs

Finnish brand Nokian has long been a top performer in our winter and all-season tyre tests, but it seems its summer line-up is still in need of work. As with others here, the zLine didn’t feature in our last 17-inch tyre test, but it was available; it was launched in 2013.

While tyres are developed throughout their lifecycle, it’s not easy to outperform much newer designs. Unlike Avon, the Nokian Continue reading “Nokian zLine review”

Continental PremiumContact 6 review

Simply a great tyre to drive on in wet or dry conditions; strong all-round in every respect

Launched late in 2016, the PremiumContact 6 not only replaced the ContiPremiumContact 5, but also fellow test winner the ContiSportContact 5 in some sizes. And Continental has done a good job of retaining the latter’s sporty feel without compromising the ride of the ContiPremiumContact 5. This was easily the best driver’s tyre in the wet and dry.

There is a liveliness to its handling that no Continue reading “Continental PremiumContact 6 review”

Best soft top cleaners 2018

Which of these fabric roof cleaners is best for keeping your convertible's soft top clean?

A conventional cabrio with a fabric roof needs more care than your average tin-top. Attacked by acid rain, detritus in the air, bird lime, tree sap and ultraviolet rays, it needs regular cleaning and reproofing, typically twice a year. 

Always treat the whole fabric roof otherwise it will be patchy, and it’s advisable to wear eye and hand protection as some cleaners have aggressive chemicals Continue reading “Best soft top cleaners 2018”

Best power car polishers 2018

A powered polisher will take the strain out of giving your bodywork a shine. But which of our budget polishers is a smooth operator?

Polishing the paintwork and buffing wax on your car can be hard work, so many drivers don’t bother. But a 240v polisher will take the grind out of the job. It can also be used with a suitable cutting compound or scratch remover to lift out swirl marks and light scratches from the surface of the paint. 

Detailing enthusiasts may pay hundreds of pounds for Continue reading “Best power car polishers 2018”