How to Safely Fit and Remove Tailgate Gas Struts on Cars

Gas struts are a hugely important part of the automobile and particularly if you have a tailgate. You may find that the tailgate no longer opens or closes as well and this will be because the gas struts have started to lose their strength. Fear not, though, as it is actually incredibly easy to replace them so that your tailgate will be back to full strength in no time at all. Some motorists will take their car into the garage to get the struts replaced, but this can be an expensive and costly Continue reading “How to Safely Fit and Remove Tailgate Gas Struts on Cars”

The 7 Best RV Homes on the Market Today

People in the past had usually used their wagons or caravans as their temporary or permanent homes when traveling. Nowadays, however, we don’t have wagons and caravans, but we do have motorhomes — recreational vehicles, or RVs — that often serve as temporary homes when traveling. If you have wanderlust, I guess owning a recreational vehicle would be a good idea. But if ever you decide to buy your own RV, you’ll suddenly find yourself faced with the difficult decision of which RV Continue reading “The 7 Best RV Homes on the Market Today”

Safe and Sound: A Short Guide To Your Car’s Safety Features

A car safety feature refers to any device designed and installed in a vehicle to mitigate or prevent road accidents. Almost all new cars being sold nowadays provide a pretty high standard in regards to safety performance. An extensive collection of standard safety features are being delivered with the new models and the older ones as well, playing a significant role in protecting the driver and the passengers. However, knowing the type of safety features included in your new car can be quite Continue reading “Safe and Sound: A Short Guide To Your Car’s Safety Features”

Own your own car! Buy Cheap and Used.

With the trend and lifestyle these days, it is convenient to own a car. But to the ordinary citizen, a brand new car may cost too much. They might not be able to afford a good brand new car. So to be able to own one, they settle for cheap used cars. There are a lot of cheap used cars for sale in Fresno. Second hand vehicles are not that bad. You just need to know where to buy used cars and what to look for.

It is just like buying a brand new car. You need to be objective and select one Continue reading “Own your own car! Buy Cheap and Used.”

7 Defensive Driving Tips That Can Help You Reduce Risk on the Road

Every year, many people lose their lives because of road accidents. It’s sad to note that approximately 3,720 people were killed in 2017 in Texas according to a report from the Texas Department of Transportation. Most of the deaths occur on road intersections and caused by drunk driving, and drivers being distracted while driving. Arguably, these figures show that most drivers have not really mastered how to drive safely. We can avoid these accidents only if we adopt defensive driving Continue reading “7 Defensive Driving Tips That Can Help You Reduce Risk on the Road”

Import Face-Off Joliet 2017

Import Face-Off Joliet 2017

Import Face-Off Joliet 2017 was hled at Route 66 Raceway in Joliet, IL on October 8, 2017.  When it comes to the amount of test and tune, car show participants and audio participants, Import Face-Off Joliet usually brings in a variety of each.

Import Face-Off Joliet 2017 also included activities such as the car, truck, and bike show, 1/4 miles drag racing, Usaci stereo Crank It Up Contest, Burnout Contest, Two Step Competition, Low Car Limbo, Pit Midway, Continue reading “Import Face-Off Joliet 2017”

Long-term test review: Kia Stinger

First report: The Kia Stinger has arrived on our fleet and the high-end executive sports saloon has made a positive early impressionVerdict4The Kia Stinger is no shrinking violet; striking looks, punchy performance and a load of standard equipment make the new executive saloon an appealing alternative to the German opposition on first impression.

Mileage: 2,164
Economy: 34.0mpg

There aren’t many car companies that have gone through a brand transformation quite as extensive as Continue reading “Long-term test review: Kia Stinger”

New Hyundai Kona Electric 2018 UK review

The Hyundai Kona Electric is an attractive proposition, and we've driven a late prototype version in the UKVerdict4.5The Hyundai Kona Electric is decent to drive, refined and comfortable, and it’s just about big enough for a small family. But it really stands out because of two things: its range and its pricing. This really is the first car that delivers Tesla-esque range between charging stations, but for less than £30k. That’s a great achievement, and it’s likely to ensure that Continue reading “New Hyundai Kona Electric 2018 UK review”