Stay Safe On The Road This Halloween

With all manner of ghouls and ghosts walking the streets, it’s one of those times of the year that you’ll probably be happiest tucked up at home feeling cosy (maybe with a horror film on).  That being said, if you do have to drive it is worth considering some tips to make sure that you all stay safe when out and about on Halloween:

  • Be mindful that children may be around residential areas and might not be as careful in all the excitement of the night
  • Bars, pubs etc will be holding special events so look out for night time revelers
  • It goes without saying but don’t mix drinking and driving
  • Consider and prepare yourself for the fact that fireworks and bangers will likely be going off
  • Try not to get spooked by people in costume – it’s only a night!

The fact remains that we at Car Articles want everyone to have a safe and fun Halloween – let’s make sure everyone gets home safely however they are celebrating the season of the macabre.

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