Tristar Ecopower 4S

Overall score: 91.3%Tristar Ecopower 4S

At more than £20 cheaper than the next most expensive tyre and £40 less than our winner, it’s easy to see why the Tristar could be a tempting choice. On snow it was close to the best, at around five per cent off the top performers.

But in the wet the Tristar is much less tempting, and raises serious concerns. In the wet braking test it took over 10 metres more than the best all-season tyre to stop, and was still doing nearly 15mph when the Michelin had come to a halt.

It was a massive 15 seconds off the pace of the best around the wet circuit; not that we needed to look at the monitor to know it was bad, with the dire lack of grip all too apparent. These results alone should be enough to remove any thoughts of saving a few pounds and going for the Chinese-made Tristar.

We say: “Desperate wet grip far outweighs any safety gains on snow.” say: “A budget tyre, which does not score very well in tyre label scores. It’s not too much of a surprise to see it behind the pack in terms of performance.”

ResultsSnow braking94.4%3rdSnow traction93.9%5thSnow circle96.5%5thSnow handling94.9%6thStraight aquaplaning90.5%6thCurved aquaplaning90.4%4thWet braking68.7%6thWet handling83.7%6thWet circle82.2%6thDry braking92.4%3rdDry handling98.3%4thRolling resistance79.2%5thCabin noise99.7%=2ndPrice£71.40 Previous: 5. Falken Euro All Season AS200 Next: Winter tyre: Continental Winter Contact TS 860

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