Winter tyre: Continental Winter Contact TS 860

Overall score: 100.5%Winter tyre: Continental Winter Contact TS 860

This comparison is somewhat unfair, as the TS 860 is now a three-time winter winner, and we know it’s pretty special. We wouldn’t expect other winter rubber to push the all-season bunch so hard. In the wet and on snow, this remains the tyre to have.

It was clearly the best in Finland, with great balance, despite strong front grip that helped pull you through corners. Surprisingly it felt the same in the wet despite the warm temperatures, although that’s most likely down to the TS 860 rather than the winter design.

The dry tests are where the big compromises are made, both to the all-season tyres and, particularly, the summer, vindicating Conti’s policy of changing tyres for the seasons.

We say: “A remarkable performer, mixing strong ability in snow with dry-road talent.” say: “Good in winter, but warm results show why the all-season class is growing.”

ResultsSnow braking101.8%Snow traction101.3%Snow circle100.5%Snow handling100.4%Straight aquaplaning104.1%Curved aquaplaning101.4%Wet braking105%Wet handling102.4%Wet circle101.9%Dry braking87.9%Dry handling97%Rolling resistance87.5%Cabin noise100.2%Price£126.85 Previous: 6. Tristar Ecopower 4S Next: Summer tyre: Continental Premium Contact 6

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