4 Wheel Jamboree 2019

4 Wheel Jamboree 2019 was held in Indianapolis, Indiana at the Indianapolis State Fairgrounds from September 20-22nd, 2019. Crowds of people filled the fairgrounds to enjoy the thousands of 4 wheel vehicle that traveled from across the country!

Whether you loved to drive your 4×4 around or just show it off, 4 wheel Jamboree is the place you want to be!  When the show comes in, the fairgrounds fill with more than 2,000 4 wheel drive vehicles.  This allows for attendees to see all types Continue reading “4 Wheel Jamboree 2019”

Ways to reduce road rage

There’s no easy way to say this, but you’re probably an awful driver. There’s a one in a million shot that you’re not, of course, but if we play the odds and weigh up the percentages and averages that we all know to be true, every other road user is useless at operating their vehicle in anything approaching a sane manner (which tends to diminish the chances of you standing out as the one driver who is sensible and competent). Nevertheless, there is a chance. Now, assuming that you are, Continue reading “Ways to reduce road rage”

Best Electric Scooters for Car Shows

Cars and other automobiles are what boys call their toys. This is evident when car shows are held and a large population of men flock to see the cars on display. If you are a car enthusiast, you may want to be there and see the cars yourself or even participate and have your own collections on display. A popular addition to car shows recently is electric scooters. Most people are familiar with it and are fond of seeing one, more so if they find out that these are upgraded and better than Continue reading “Best Electric Scooters for Car Shows”

Goodguys 1st Virtual Car Show

With everything that is going on around the world today, it is not uncommon for many events to be cancelled, postponed, rescheduled, or in the case of the Goodguys event, take a new turn. The Goodguys show decided to make sure that all car lovers will not be let down, but will enjoy the show in a complete new way.

Goodguys has announced that they will be hosting their car show scheduled for Saturday virtually.  They have found a way for those who are a lover of the Goodguys events to still Continue reading “Goodguys 1st Virtual Car Show”

Tips for Staying Safe on a Road Trip

Spring has just about sprung! For many people, this signifies the ideal time to hit the road and explore. From college students heading down to the shore for a good time to families spending time in nature on an old-fashioned camping trip, everyone is ready to get out of the house and enjoy this beautiful weather. As exciting and fun as road trips can be, however, it is important to prioritize your safety. 

The longer you’re on the road, the higher your chances are of having a vehicle Continue reading “Tips for Staying Safe on a Road Trip”

Possible Causes of Engine Knocking You Did Not Know About

Engine knocking can be very upsetting and dangerous. When your engine produces pinging, knocking, or banging sounds, this is an indicator that your vehicle engine knocks. It is usually caused by unusual combustion of the mixture of air and fuel. Therefore it’s critically important to know how to test for engine knock so that you will be able to fix the problem in a good time. Here contains the information on what causes the engine knocking.

Buildup of Carbon

A carbon deposit is Continue reading “Possible Causes of Engine Knocking You Did Not Know About”

Where to Find Low Cost Recreational Vehicles

A recreational vehicle or an RV for short is a way to have both accommodation and transportation methods. It is amazing to have one if you are planning on a trip across the country or if you simply want to go camping. Most recreational vehicles have the same functions; however, the more the features an RV has, the more expensive it can be to buy it or even rent it. Nonetheless, here are some of the best places to get an RV at a very low cost.

  • Leisureland RV Center
  • Leis Continue reading “Where to Find Low Cost Recreational Vehicles”

    Tips for Keeping Your Car Looking Like New

    Did you just purchase a new vehicle and want to keep it in perfect condition? Or are you thinking of buying one?

    There are many actions you can take to make that new car shine last longer. Check out these tips for keeping your paint job looking great!

    Park in the Shade

    Sun and heat can cause your vehicle’s paint to crack and fade. So, always try to park in a garage or other shaded area when possible. Protecting your vehicle from direct sunlight also increases the life of interior Continue reading “Tips for Keeping Your Car Looking Like New”

    Slamology 2020 and COVID-19 Virus

    Slamology 2020 update:  We are aware of the CDC’s interim guidance suggesting the postponement of events involving more than 50 people over the next eight weeks. Our priority is to do our part in protecting the public health while still conducting the 17th Annual Slamology Automotive and Music Festival as scheduled on June 13-14, 2020.

    This continues to be a dynamic situation that we are monitoring constantly in coordination with federal, state, local and public health officials. We are Continue reading “Slamology 2020 and COVID-19 Virus”