2019 IASCA North American Championship Huge Success in Louisville

On October 13th, 2019 the IASCA North American Championship (INAC) ended with over 100 competitors coming from around the U.S., Canada and Mexico vying for championship titles in sound quality, installation quality, IdBL, and Bass Boxing SPL competitions.

“It was a proud moment to see all of our competitors ready to battle for another championship.” said Moe Sabourin, Director of Operations for IASCA Worldwide, “There were also a lot of new faces in both the SPL and SQ lanes, which was exciting. It’s also great to see old friends that I only get to see once a year here in Louisville. It reminds me of all the awesome times we’ve had together at this event over the years.” IASCA, 2019

Black Betty at the INAC

Brian Mitchell successfully defended his Triple Crown 2 seat Championship, holding the title for the past two years and now holding it for a third from this past weekend.  Mitchell was also a crowd favorite as each day he came to the show in a different crazy costume.  It brought a smile to everyone’s face each day.

Robert Corwin successfully defended his Triple Crown 1 seat Championship, and Anthony Rodriguez, a newcomer to the INAC, won the Champion spot in the Novice SQ Class.  The infamous “Black Betty” owned by Scott Buwalda which took home top honors in the Extreme Open SQ class.

This year for the “Motosounds” motorcycle Championship, Larry Adams, owner of LA Audio, took the top spot in his class.  Head Judge Terry Floyed worked hard all season to make sure that the motorcycle competition format ran smoothly and had an amazing time with the Motosounds competitors.

The Unified Car Audio Championship and IASCA were supported by many industry members, and they greatly appreciated all the support!

“Special thanks go out to our entire Judging Team, support staff and supporters” Sabourin continued to say; “These great people worked their butts off and delivered a first class event. Without their hard work and dedication to IASCA competition, we would not be here today.” IASCA, 2019

You can find the winners of the IASCA INAC and the 3x competitions on the IASCA website!

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