Things You Must Know Before Driving in Australia

Australia is a large, beautiful country with a highly urbanized population of more than 25 million. The road networks of this country vary significantly in size, type, shape, and provision of services in route.

While there are so many ways of traveling around the country and exploring its people and culture, self-driving is the best way to go about it.

However, like all other countries in the world, Australia has its own rules about driving and traffic laws, and things might be a bit Continue reading “Things You Must Know Before Driving in Australia”

Villa Grove Car Show 2019

The Villa Grove Car Show 2019 was held at Harrison in Villa Grov, Illinois on August 3rd, 2019.  This car show has everything you could want from cars, trucks, 4×4 trucks, BBQ, door prizes and so much more!

At 9 am, there was a line of cars ready to register for the show and have a good time!  Registration lasted until noon and the show went on until 4.  If you were one of the first 25 rides to register, you were given a free T-Shirt!

Villa Grove Car Show 2019 brought out more Continue reading “Villa Grove Car Show 2019”

AI Cameras Can Now Spot a Motorist That Is Texting and Driving

Did you know that close to 400,000 people are injured in crashes involving distracted drivers each year? One of the biggest causes of distracted driving is texting while behind the wheel.

Thankfully, an end to this dangerous habit may be in sight. Artificial intelligence (AI) is now being used in the Australian country of New South Wales (NSW) to detect when a motorist is texting and driving. How does this work, and will we ever end up using something similar in the United States? Here’s Continue reading “AI Cameras Can Now Spot a Motorist That Is Texting and Driving”

East Tennessee Showdown 2019

East Tennessee Showdown 2019 was held at the East Tennessee Distillery in Piney Flatts, TN on June 29th, 2019.  If you are in the surrounding area, this is where you wanted to be for cold drinks, hot weather, and amazing rides.  All rides from lifted, lowered, exotic bagged, and everything in between were welcomed to the show!

In this day, it is not uncommon for a show to support a charity with their event.  This year, East Tennessee Showdown 2019 supported one of their own team members Continue reading “East Tennessee Showdown 2019”

How to Preserve Windshield Integrity

Everyone knows a car’s windshield protects drivers and passengers from outside debris, dust, wind, rain, and other elements. But not everyone is aware of its importance in maintaining a vehicle’s integrity. The windshield gives a sufficient amount of support to the cabin of a vehicle. 

This support becomes even more crucial in the event of a collision. The windshield absorbs around 45% of the impact in most collisions and up to 60% in vehicle rollovers. It also plays other safety roles Continue reading “How to Preserve Windshield Integrity”

Signs Indicating that your 4 Stroke Engine Needs Replacement

Engines blowing up in the motorsport field is a norm. Regardless of how dangerous it is, it’s inevitable, especially if you have a dated engine or one that needs servicing. And although it might not have happened to you yet, knowing when to change your engine to avoid this catastrophe is essential.

There is a myriad of signs that indicate a need for an engine change. Some are primary and often show earlier, while others are secondary and usually show late or even a few minutes before Continue reading “Signs Indicating that your 4 Stroke Engine Needs Replacement”

What Does an RV Inverter Do?

Do you want to know what an RV inverter does? The inverter works in a straightforward manner. It increases the voltage from a direct current power source. It also changes the current running in one direction by running in alternate direction.  Simply, it’s a converter type that converts the direct current into an alternating current power.

We use this device, such as the pure sine wave inverter for RV, to allow the battery operate our recreational vehicle appliances.  However, you should Continue reading “What Does an RV Inverter Do?”

Truck Buying Vs Renting: What’s The Best Option For You?

Whether you own a large or a small business, there is one question that is always similar across the divide. Every business owner and manager has to answer this critical question: “Should I rent or buying a truck?”

Factors To Consider

In terms of buying a truck, many options are available. You could purchase a new one or you may opt for a secondhand truck on sites like TR Groups Truck Sales. Buying is less flexible in the sense that what you get is final. Compared to Continue reading “Truck Buying Vs Renting: What’s The Best Option For You?”

How to Find the Best Pre-Owned Vehicle for Your Needs

As springtime weather rolls in, it’s time to start thinking about your vehicle. Now more than ever, you need a reliable car or truck to get you to the grocery store, or to safely navigate the long road North to cottage country. If you’re looking to upgrade your Pre-Owned Vehicle, but don’t want to overspend on a new model, a pre-owned Ford car or truck might be the perfect solution.

Purchasing a preowned car doesn’t have to be a painful experience if you do some research ahead Continue reading “How to Find the Best Pre-Owned Vehicle for Your Needs”

How to Clean an Oil Extractor

As a car owner, you must know the oil extractor in detail. It is a tool, must for extracting oil from your car, saving both of your time and struggle. It helps to remove the oil without draining it. The best oil extractors await you here. Without it, your car will be messy, you have to raise the car up, or risk on oil pan damage. Rather this tool is inexpensive and too clean. It also reduces the time-consuming part of the draining engine oil system and also makes the job safer and more Continue reading “How to Clean an Oil Extractor”