3 Ways to Dispose of Your Junk Car

Just like many other machines, cars have a life span. After repeated use, they will eventually break down. When many parts of a car break down, it is rendered unusable. Such a car may not be worthy of keeping in your compound anymore. The most prudent thing to do would be to dispose of your junk car. This article will discuss three basic ways to dispose of your car easily.

  • You can sell the parts and accessories of your car.
  • Although some dealers might buy the car as a whole, your vehicle will give you more value if you disconnect the parts and sell them separately. Some parts will be very valuable when sold on their own.  Here are a few components you may want to remove:

    • Remove any electronics installed in your car. Things like speakers, radios, batteries, and amplifiers will fetch you some good money if sold separately. Always ensure that these are the first parts you remove from your car.
    • Extract the custom interior parts in your car, if any. Such parts include leather seats or seat covers. If sold separately, these items will earn you some little cash. Leaving them on your car means they will only contribute to the weight of the scrap, which will earn you very little.
    • Take out some of the sought-after parts. Look at what someone else might need and take it out. This might include rims of tires and the catalytic converter.

    Once you have removed the most important parts, you can now sell them. You sell the parts locally or post them online to reach a wider market.

  • Take your car to a salvage yard
  • In case you do not have the time to extract the essential parts of your car, you can consider disposing of it as a whole. Select a salvage yard that will offer you some reasonable rates. It is advisable that you also go for a yard that is near you since, in most cases, you will have to deliver the car personally.

    As you take your car to a salvage yard, do not forget to carry along the required paperwork. Some yards may not accept your car if the necessary paperwork is not there. Consequently, it is prudent to call the selected yard beforehand and enquire what paperwork they will need.

  • Consider donating your car to charity
  • If the above two options do not work for you, Dispose of Your Junk Car to charity is a more natural way to get rid of it. However, do not expect any significant benefit from it. Confirm whether the charity of your choice qualifies to get the car for this will determine whether you get a tax exemption or not.

    Talk to your preferred charity to know how the car will be delivered to them. Some may decide to help with transportation arrangements. On the other hand, others may come and pick the car themselves from your home. That means you will not incur any transportation expenses.

    In summary, you can sell your car, take it to a salvage yard or donate it to charity. Go for the option that best suits you.

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