4 Semi-Truck Accident Statistics Every Driver Should Know About

So many of us spend so much time on the road that we don’t even think about the dangers that we’re at risk to every single day. For many of us, driving every day has become second nature, and most of the risks are overlooked because we’re not made aware of them, especially when it comes to having larger vehicles like Semi trucks on the road.

However, by understanding the facts and the very real statistics of what happens daily, you can remind yourself of the importance of being safe and aware of what’s happening on the road, giving you all the information you need to safe and protected. Here are four of the semi-truck accident statistics you need to know.

  • Stopping Distance is a Huge Factor
  • Whether you’re traveling next to or behind a large semi-truck vehicle, it’s important to make sure you remember that the heavier a vehicle is, the longer it will take to stop, and drivers not being aware of this fact can wrongly predict what happens in braking situations.

    Whereas your typical car is around 2.5 tons, a truck can be anywhere over 40 tons. Translated, if a car needs 306ft of stopping distance traveling at 40mph, a 40-ton truck will need 525ft, which is far more distance needing to stop in just a few seconds.

  • Truck Accidents are Common
  • While you might not have seen a Semi-truck accident yourself, you’ll have surely heard of them happening, and you’ll have seen them on the news, maybe so much so that many of us have become desensitized to it. Generally speaking, there are around 400,000 accidents a year involving trucks and large vehicles, which totals around 1,100 per day.

    Statistically, around 61% of these happen in a rural area, and 27% on interstate highways around the country. The vast majority of these occur with all vehicles involved moving.

  • The Future is Important
  • Many experts have predicted that Semi-truck accidents will become the biggest cause of road casualties and fatalities by 2030, and will become the fifth leading cause of death. Of course, there are many causes to why this is the case, but understanding these problems and facts, and just being more aware can be enough to start preventing them.

    If you find yourself involved in a minor or major accident, always make sure you seek professional legal advice on how to proceed properly. You can use an AV-rated law firm who specializes in this to ensure you get the best experience, and you manage and handle everything properly.

  •  Trucks Cause Many Fatalities
  • Due to the sheer weight and size of trucks on the road and the high speeds they’re traveling at, fatalities are far more likely in Semi- truck accidents than typical car accidents. Every single year since 2014, the number of fatalities that have occurred in truck accidents has increased, one year’s statistics being as much as 61 percent.

    Lives can very literally be on the line.


    As you can see, truck accidents and the risks involved is something every driver should be aware of when out on the road, and now you know these facts, you can take the necessary precautions to avoid becoming involved in one. Of course, this isn’t always possible, so if you are involved, always seek professional legal help to ensure you get the best outcome.

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