4X4 Adventures in Phuket

Phuket is an island in Thailand and boasts of having some of the best beaches in Thailand. White sand beaches lined by palm trees, resorts and spas make Phuket a true tropical paradise.

There are over 30 beautiful beaches in Phuket and you can spend a nice holiday in the water and indulging in other beach activities.

Phuket can be easily reached from various nearby places like Bangkok, Singapore or Malaysia. Cheap Qatar Airways Malaysia flights are available. With which you can affordably travel from Kuala Lumpur to Phuket.

Now, did you know, the tropical heaven of Phuket, also offers adventure activities including 4X4 adventures?

Yes, you will find 4X4 Safari tours in Phuket that will take you out on a day full of adventures. Let us checkout the 4X4 adventure opportunities in Phuket.

4WD Adventures

The Phuket Boutique organizes a 4X4 adventure tour for the tourists and locals in Phuket.

This tour includes a full day tour costing 1700 Thai Bahts for adults and 1500 Thai Bahts for Children.

This trip starts with an elephant trekking, which continues for about fifteen to twenty minutes. You can watch monkey shows on your way.

The elephant trek ends near the Big Buddha Temple and you can pay your homage here at this religious site.

From here, the tourists and visitors are taken to the Grand Father and Grand Mother Rocks on the Lamai Beach followed by your trek to Namuang Waterfall 1. Here, you can click a photo with a tiger for some extra charges.

From here the 4X4 adventure begins, with a 4X4 ride to the mountain top. The 4X4 adventure takes place in the Koh Samui island, while you will be taken on an off road drive amidst the wilderness of the island, right to the top of the mountain.

A 4X4 army jeep is used to take you on the jungle safari up to the mountain top where you can have a delicious lunch and enjoy the views.

A 4WD professional drives the vehicle, while you enjoy the ride fully. The jeep rolls through the jungle passing rivers and valleys along the rugged trails.

If you are an adrenaline junkie, this off road journey is absolutely perfect for you. Explore the jungle in a more exciting way with the 4X4 Safari tour in Koh Samui, Phuket.

Once you have reached the mountain top, you will be taken to a remote restaurant on the mountain top, which serves delicious Thai food. Dine on the Thai delicacies than head to explore the magic Garden.

Also go to the lovely viewpoints on the mountain top, to get a beautiful 360 degree view of Phuket below. The panoramic views are a sight to behold.

After this you will escorted to the Teepangkorn Temple, set atop the mountain peak. This is the second largest Buddhist shrine in Phuket.

Lastly you will be taken to the Coconut plantation in the mountain top before heading back to the hotel at the end of the day.


The 4X4 adventure tour in Phuket includes a lot of things along with the 4X4 car ride. The tour will get your adrenaline pumping and you will find yourself recommending your friends to try it out once.

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