5 Advantages of Muscle Cars for Students

Whenever there is a mention of the words muscle and car, we think of the golden age of this type of car. The most famous cars of this golden age include the 1965 Mustang Shelby GT350, the 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429 and the 1969 COPO Camaro.

These cars have a rich history and are what lay the foundation for many models of the ordinary American muscle car that would follow. Having a car with a healthy engine is good, but what other advantages can muscle cars offer to their drivers, particularly to those who are still students?

Muscle cars can make studying history fun

Muscle cars were created for a reason; a large number of Americans wanted faster cars. This new need for speed started in the 1920s when alcohol was prohibited in the country. This prohibition is what made bootleggers and moonshine producers modify their cars to be able to outrun the police.

When the prohibition was scrapped, these cars were then used on the racetrack where they excelled. Their excellence on the racetrack is what inspired the makers of many well-known muscle car manufacturers.


Buying a muscle car can be a fun way to learn for business students 

To make their studies more interesting, the business students can look at some of the factors that a car dealer considers before a classic muscle car is given its price tag and how they market it. The pricing factors include location, scarcity, and condition.

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Muscle cars can encourage students to be more sympathetic/empathetic 

A student who has a muscle car could be drawn to attend an event at the American Muscle Car Museum or the Muscle Car City in Florida. This museum houses over 250 muscle cars and a lot of those cars are rare models. The only catch about being able to come and view those rare cars is you’ll only be able to do so if a charity event gets hosted at the museum.

Attending a charity event at this museum could help a student see the importance of caring for other causes.

Muscle cars can help a student be more social

Studying requires hard work and focus. Studying all the time can take its toll on everyone’s health and emotions. That’s why students need to have fun and associate with other people. Having a muscle car can help students who are shy and new on-campus to socialize as it’s certain that people will approach them.

Muscle cars can teach responsibility

Muscle cars aren’t just fast, but they also look good. This means that any dents, missing parts, or scratches will be very noticeable. Also, since muscle cars are quite famous, they appear a lot on the media where they’re always shiny and clean. This can encourage a student to keep his/her car clean, so it can live up to its image.


Muscle cars aren’t just fast and beautiful cars. They can make it easier for a person to be taught as students of various subjects can learn from how they’re made, sold and powered. They can also teach their owners how to be better versions of themselves. Driving a muscle car is also fun and can be a great way for a student to unwind and enjoy the great outdoors without risking injury.

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