5 Best Car Speakers in 2019

Much like how your tires are important to your driving experience because they’re the last thing to transmit power to the ground, good car speakers are important to your car audio experience because they relay the sound. Your car will come with standard car speakers, but usually, these are far from great. Replacing car speakers and subwoofers with a new car audio installation in New Orleans leads to much better sound. 

The best car speakers for your ride depends on your budget, your vehicle, and your personal tastes. We’ve put together five of the top car speakers in 2019 from which to choose, focusing mainly on speakers that get the job done well without breaking the bank.

1 — Boss Audio CH6520 Car Speakers

These 6.5-inch 250-watt speakers are made from polyurethane and rubber and they’re easy to install. Also known as Chaos Exxtreme, they have a distinct style perfect if you’re planning on having your speakers bare. The polyurethane is a nice feature as it makes for speakers that will last longer no matter the temperature you’re driving in.

Full-range speakers, they both look good and sound good. They’re not the loudest speakers on the market but the clear and powerful sound with a booming, undistorted tone makes them a great option at the 6.5-inch size. 

The speakers feature a 1-inch tweeter and 2-inch polyamide cone that acts as a mid-range speaker. Good sound separation and frequency response make the Boss Audio CH6250 one of the cleanest sounding set of speakers available today. 

2 — Kicker DS65 6.5″ Coax Speakers 

Everyone knows Kicker makes amazing subwoofers, but don’t underestimate their speakers either. The component speakers they make definitely measure up. For less than fifty dollars for a pair, these speakers top the list for value and performance. 

The exterior shell is high quality and durable. They are designed with extended coils that give you much cleaner and deeper bass when compared to regular sized coils. Where they really push the limits is with the mid and high-level notes, using the titanium-dome tweeters with oversized coils for crispy vocals and high-level audio. The bass is good but the mid and high-level notes are where these speakers really show off.


3 — Infinity Reference 6032CF Two-Way Car Speakers

High up on the list are these Infinity 6.5-inch speakers which are also priced at around fifty dollars.

The performance output numbers for these speakers are good at four ohms, 180 peak watts, and 60 RMS watts. These speakers feature more cone surface area for better efficiency and higher bass output. 

The center tweeter is adjustable so you can point it to perfection. This allows for better sound reproduction in the car. The tweeters are also level adjustable so if you have them low and bright, you can adjust them by up to three decibels. Overall, these are great for any car speaker system. 

4 — Alpine SPS-610C Two-Way Car Speakers 

Next on this list are these Alpine 6.5-inch speakers that cost a little more, but they will not disappoint you with their performance. These Type-S series car speakers put out impressive mid to high notes. The 1-inch inch wide-range silk dome tweeters help to bring out vocals in the midst of high bass levels. They pair up nicely with any subwoofers but are especially good with Alpine Type R and Type S. 

After you install them, play them constantly for about an hour to properly break them in, then just sit back and enjoy the sounds. 

5 — JBL GTO628 Two-Way Car Speakers 

Last but not least on the list are these JBL 6.5 inch speakers that have constantly impressed reviewers. With 80 – 90 RMS running power and 180 watts of peak power, the rubber-surrounded  ‘Plus One’ woofer cone results in a deep, responsive bass. 

As a True 4-ohm speaker, low-impedance speaker voice coils offer better performance from your installed amp. They also have an adjustable 1-inch Mylar-titanium tweeter, allowing you hear crisper high notes. These speakers are also perfectly priced.

You do not have to spend a ton of money to get great-sounding speakers for your car, but if you truly enjoy hearing the full range of sound, good quality speakers are a must. You can have hard pounding subwoofers, but when you can barely make out the vocals, you’re listening enjoyment drops dramatically. Pair your car audio system with great speakers for the ultimate in good in-car sound.

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