5 Fastest muscle cars of 2020

Every year manufacturers are pumping out new muscle cars, with increasing number and their price tags. It’s hard to keep up with all the new models, so we handpicked the 5 fastest muscles for 2020.

Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

The 2020 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 received a handful of updates for this calendar year. It still features the 6.2l V8 DI engine with factory claimed 650 horsepower and 650 lb of torque. 6-speed manual transmission is standard, which is very nice to see with rampant rise of dual clutch and other automatic transmission. Raising its base price to $62,000 which is not too surprising. Interior has got some attention too but sadly nothing as standard, all these updates will come at a cost. About the additional extras you can find on Chevrolet website.



Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye

If your one of the lucky people to get your hands-on Dodge demon, then you wouldn’t probably be reading this, if not, you aren’t missing a whole lot with new Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye.  This machine isn’t far behind with 797 horsepower from it’s 6.2 HEMI V8 and torqueflite 8 speed automatic transmission, which you will need, since probably as we humans can’t change the gears fast enough for this monster. Base price of only $72,790, until you notice that they offer a wide body version. More mean, more presence on the road, if you’re into that, you better hope your wallet is too. Widebody starts from $78,295



Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

 You can’t make a muscle car list without mentioning the mustang! For the year 2020 their back with more power then every before, 760 horsepower from their supercharged 5.2 litre V8 engine and 625 lb of torque at 500 RPM. Their base price of $72,900 looks modest compared to its rivals, but that will quickly rise once you add some comfort and features to the vehicle. It must be good, to earn the name of Shelby. This year they also have revised interior, full LCD digital instrument cluster, with nostalgia inducing sliding to right rev counter. Steering wheel also looks like from it’s glory days, reflecting the wood steering wheels of the 1960’s and the 70’s

Equus Bass 770

If you’re the type of person where regular muscle car just doesn’t cut it. Well if the dollar isn’t the problem, you might want to pay a visit to the guys at Equus. They have designed and hand built a muscle for not your everyday Joe. $250,000 at Equus will get you 6.4L LS9 V8 motor, producing 640 horsepower.  You come with your dream car ideas; they will custom make it just like you imagined. If you own a muscle car and want something custom, www.woodensteeringwheels.com will customise your steering wheel for more reasonable price.


Cadillac CT6-V

For people who are more laid back and want a comfortable saloon, but don’t mistake it for run of the mill grocery shopper. This is full on Cadillac muscle car; you could say with all the benefits and none of the downsides of regular muscle cars. But for this luxury, you will have to pay for it. Starting out from $94895, that gives you the 4.2 Blackwing twin turbo v8 with 550 horsepower and 640 lb Torque. Finally, Americans came up with something to compete in the luxury sedan market, dominated by the Germans.  Leather interior as standard, magnetic ride control and when you’re in the mood for some sporty driving, mechanical limited slip differential combined with Brembo breaks.


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