5 Reasons why You Should Repair Automotive Windshield Chips

“The driver on the highway is safe not when he reads the signs, but when he obeys them.” – Aiden Wilson Tozer

Does your vehicle’s windshield have one or more pinhead chips on either side of the glass which are smaller than a Canadian looney? If so, what do you do? Do you leave it until it cracks and needs to be replaced or take it to a well-established windshield replacement shop to be repaired by an experienced professional? Choosing a reputable franchise as opposed to a smaller and less reputable shop can make a big difference when it comes to auto repair decisions. After all the auto glass is an integral component of the overall safety of the vehicle, since in accidents already chipped windshield can be an added danger.

According to the experienced windshield repair technicians, it is essential to attend to a cracked windscreen as soon as possible after the damage has occurred. And, it is better to repair your vehicle’s windshield than replace it. By way of expanding on this statement, here are five reasons why you should repair your car’s windscreen chips, rather than wait to replace the windshield when it has cracked and is about to fall out of its placeholders.

Negatively impacts the vehicle’s integral structure

A windshield not only prevents the wind from blowing into your eyes as you drive, but it is also an integral part of the vehicle’s structure and safety features. Therefore, if there are any cracks on the windshield, no matter how small, the vehicle’s safety will be compromised.

Windshield chips can quickly turn into cracks

Chips or pinhead cracks are tiny cracks or chips in the windshield’s glass. However, if they are not repaired, they can turn into long, jagged cracks. Therefore, it’s essential to get them repaired whilst they are still small enough to fix. Otherwise, you will have to replace your car’s windshield, which will cost a lot more than repairing the chips.

You will not be able to see out of the windshield if it is cracked

It does not matter how small the chips or cracks in your vehicle’s windshield are they will negatively impact on your ability to see out of the windshield.

Let’s consider the following scenario. There is only a pinhead chip on the driver’s side of the windshield. Not only is it essential to repair it to prevent it from compromising the vehicle’s structure and safety, but at some stage during the day, the sun’s rays will reflect off the chip straight into your eyes; thereby, distracting you and preventing you from seeing what’s on the road in front of you.

Additionally, the quotation mentioned above by Aiden Wilson Tozer highlights the importance of being able to see out of the front windshield while driving. The only way you can obey the road signs is if you can see them.

Driving with a cracked windscreen is an offence

Driving with a chipped front windshield is not considered a traffic violation. However, you could be ticketed if your windshield has large cracks that will obstruct your view while driving. The state and federal traffic laws state that it is an offense to drive with a crack in your vehicle’s windshield that is larger than one inch.

It is not costly or time-consuming to repair windshield chips

Repairing chips on your windshield is not costly or time-consuming. A professional auto glass repair company will have all the tools and necessary equipment to repair chips and small cracks quickly, easily, and cost-effectively.  Can you imagine if this 1990 Isuzu Amigo had a cracked windshield?  It would not be winning at most car shows!

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