5 Steps to Take If Your Car Gets Dinged in a Parking Lot

Ever had a car crash in a parking lot? You may not have seen another car coming and oops, you get involved in a car crash.You may be a very cautious driver, but still you can end up getting involved in a car crash. Seems, bad, but that’s the truth.There are things you just have no control over as a human beings, that’s why it’s called an accident. So, don’t blame yourself so much.But what should you do when you get involved in a car crash in a parking lot? Below are 6 steps to take if you’re involved in a parking lot car accident:

  • Call the Police
  • When you get involved in a parking lot car crash, it is important that you call the police to help you solve issues. This is because after such an accident, both of you involved may blame each other for the accident. So, a police officer will help you solve the dispute in case of any.

    The best thing to do, therefore, is to call the police immediately to come to the scene and witness. It will be more legal and professional than starting to blame yourselves, which can then lead to a fight, and ultimately an arrest of both of you.

  • Gather Information
  • When you have already called the police, begin gathering as much information as possible. Look for the name of the driver, his or her license number, insurance information, phone number, and vehicle license plate number.

    One thing you should know is that you should never start an argument or admit that you caused the accident. In most cases, you can get emotional, but don’t let that make you start an argument. In addition, make the other driver or party know that you have an insurance company that will take care of the situation.

    In case you suspect that the other driver has no insurance cover, try as much as you can to collect the information within your reach. You can check more information at www.daveabels.com.

  • Document the Scene
  • You shouldn’t move the cars until you take photographs around the scene, including the damages and broken glasses.

    You can take the photos with your smartphone camera. If your smartphone doesn’t have a clear camera, look for a disposable camera.

    The good news is that most insurance companies have apps that enables you to upload the accident photos when you want to make your claim.

  • Find Witnesses
  • The next thing to do is to look for witnesses that will help you with your case.

    For instance, if a hawker saw the whole incidence, then you can ask him or her to be your eye witness. Or maybe, by good luck there’s a surveillance camera that recorded the whole incidence. .

    Always be sure to collect the contact details of the witnesses you have gathered so that you can contact them later on.

  • Contact Your Insurance Provider
  • The last thing you should do is to contact your insurance company. This is because the injuries or damages could be much severe that only an insurance company would settle. And, of course you don’t want to remove a coin from your pocket to cover the losses, or do you?

  • Wrap Up
  • You can take the steps above in case you have been involved in a parking lot car crash, but the best precaution for this is to ensure you drive slowly when moving into a parking lot or be keen on your side mirrors.


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