5 Tips for Choosing the Right Headlights for Your Car

If you’re thinking of upgrading your car or simply want to get the best headlights for it, there are several ways to go about making the final decision. With the large number of choices on hand, it could be challenging to decide upon one option or the other.

Halogen bulbs might be a popular and traditional option, but they’re also available in a wide range of choices. Then again, LED bulbs stand to replace halogen options in several areas of the lighting sector.

Are you confused about which car headlight to go for?

The guidelines below might be of help.

  • Prototype the Car Headlights

If you’re a passionate car enthusiast or want the best and safest option, you might want to customize your car headlights. This isn’t as expensive or outlandish an option as some might think. In fact, there are several online services that can make prototyping your car headlights a breeze.

To choose the best service possible, you should go for the one that has experience and expertise in prototyping for automobiles or automotive prototyping. You can then see what kind of manufacturing solutions they have, or what kind of companies they’ve worked for. You want prototypes that will pass testing procedures and verification regulations.

Some services might be able to prototype your headlight and even offer options for the exterior and interior lighting. With RIM, or Reaction Injection Molding, you can see about getting the best short-term trials as well.

2. Calculate The Time Span

How long have your current headlight been serving you? This is an essential question to ask, as you want to see whether the lamps even need replacing or not. There are such things as long-lasing headlights; if you have those, there might be no need for replacements for a long time.

The longer your bulbs have been working in your car, however, the more outdated they’ve probably become. This is why it’s a good idea to take your car to a professional and let them assess the lamps for the best possible option. Some older models might require help when taking them out and installing newer versions.

3. Assess Your Requirements for Brightness

Many car owners and drivers will obviously prefer to have very bright lights when on the road. This will light everything up perfectly, with options so bright that it might seem like you’re driving in the daytime. Still, you have to consider the safety and comfort of others as well as yourself. Even if you don’t, there are laws in place which regulate just how bright your car headlights can be.

Bright headlights can enhance the road visibility of your car by more than half. Along with the legal requirements, there’s also the cost factor when it comes to bright bulbs. These often cost more than the regular variety. What’s more, they have to function at a high level for that intense glare, so they might not even last that long.

4. Consider The Whiteness Factor

Several high-end and futuristic cars are now equipped with white light instead of the traditional yellow kind. However, there’s no need to shell out the cash for a luxury car when you can simply get some white headlights installed in your current model.

White lights are usually the high-intensity kind that helps in spotting and reading signage better. This will make your route faster and easier, especially if you’re used to traveling in unknown areas. This option is probably safer than yellow, though it might boil down to a matter of personal preference.

5. Choose Between The Bulb Types

Finally, the crux of the matter lies in what kind of bulb you want to get. We’ll briefly discuss the different kinds below:

Halogen Bulbs

These have low replacements costs and have a decent lifespan. You can also find them in several sizes, so it shouldn’t matter what car you have. The light is standard, though the heat generation is quite high due to their gas and electricity usage. They can also be reactive to your natural skin oils, so you should handle them with care.


LED Bulbs

This newer technology can produce bright light at any time of the day. They’re now a favored choice due to their efficiency, brightness, versatility, and low risk of damage during installation. However, their light output is comparatively less and their initial cost is high. Check out the LED Bulbs in this 2016 Chevy 2500

Getting Closer To The Headlights Of Your Choice

Replacing your car headlight is something you should consider after a few years of use. This is necessary to maintain the best performance of your car. Besides, choosing the best headlamps possible is a huge responsibility that could affect your safety and that of others. Make sure to consider all the factors above before you make a final choice of buying the right headlights.


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