6 Reasons to Try Out Supermoto

Have you heard of the supermoto style of riding? If so, you know it combines elements of dirt and street, with amazing bikes that are both nimble and light. With the top supermoto bikes you can easily take jumps, ride extreme trails and corner at epic lean angles.

If you have been a street rider for a while, and things have gotten a bit “old hat,” then supermoto may be the “wild” you need to reignite your interest for this amazing sport.

If you still aren’t convinced that supermoto is right for you, learn about some of the top reasons to try it, here.


  • With Supermoto Slow Can be Fun
  • For many riders, the way they get their thrills on their bike is by going much faster than they should (specifically sport bikers). However, modern supermotos are built for traveling speeds that are considerably lower than the speed limit.

    While this is true, you won’t find an activity that’s more fun or that you will want to do again and again.

  • Ability to Ride on Diverse Terrain and In Varied Conditions
  • You can easily use your supermoto bike on the pavement. But, if you notice a fire road you can use to cut across, or if you just have an urge to go exploring down an unmarked trail, then supermoto can adapt to these conditions, too.

    While the street tires aren’t going to get you too far in sand or mud, if you find hard-packed roads, the supermoto bikes can easily handle the conditions.

  • Options for a Dual Wheel Setup
  • Have you ever veered off-course to a dirt-road on your sports bike? If so, you have quickly discovered that sliding around wasn’t quite as much fun as you thought it would be. This is another benefit of the supermotos. These are still essentially dirt bikes. As a result, you can always get another set of wheels, with some knobbies, which allow you to easily attack the trails anytime the urge strikes.

  • Crush Tight Turns
  • Sport bikes are typically the preferred option when it comes to traveling down any type of curvy road. However, the supermoto bikes are extremely light (most weighing in around two to three hundred pounds) and narrow. They also have wide bars providing for easy control and they roll on the sticky sport bike rubber, which means they can handle technical roads with ease.

  • Wheelies on Demand
  • As mentioned above, supermoto bikes are extremely light. They’re also powered by torquey thumpers and roll on that grabby street rubber. What does this mean? You have the perfect recipe for power wheelies – in fact, these are typically just a single throttle chop away.

    What biker doesn’t love wheelies?

  • Crashes are Cheap
  • Have you ever had a motorcycle accident/crash (if you ride regularly this is a pretty obvious question)? The fact is, laying down a bike – any bike – can be extremely costly.

    However, when you opt to ride a supermoto, that’s not the case. In fact, repairs on these are often much more affordable. In most cases, you can literally just pick up your bike, hop back on and hit the road. Keep in mind – at the very core, these are dirt bikes. They are designed to take a beating and keep on going.

    If you have never tried supermoto, you now have six great reasons to give it a go. Chances are, you will be a supermoto convert in no time. These bikes are fun, affordable and easy to ride – what could be better?

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