6 Useful Ways to Automate Your Car Repair Routine

Car maintenance requires much time and many efforts, but today there are a lot of opportunities to ease the car repair process. Let’s get acquainted with the most frequently used units.

Air impact wrench

The best air impact wrench provides the maximum torque and the compressed air flow is regarded as the power source of this tool. The sizes of the screwed-in fasteners range from 1/4 to 1 inch. The device itself is very light since there is no electric engine. It works autonomously and isn’t affected by moisture. The ergonomic rubber-coated grip is made to create conditions for comfort and fatigue-free work. An air exhaust occurs through the handle.

DA sander

The unit is used for cleaning the car’s surface from the old varnish and paint layer. It also is very useful while transition zones processing before the certain area’s local coloring or aligning of the surface after the filling agent applying. Sanding machine can greatly save time in comparison with manual grinding.


The airbrush for cars painting is a high-tech tool that can save time and reduce unproductive material consumption. Modern airbrush is used to get a uniform layer of paint. It is necessary to chromate the body surface before the painting process for better adhesion with the coloring matter and protective properties increasing.

Electric tire inflator

The electric product is made to pump the wheels up to 8 atmospheres. It is a right choice for the all-season operations that don’t require physical efforts. The piston and cylinder, which are part of the electric unit, do not change that leads to the maintainability reducing. The possibility of tire inflator overheating may occur under heavy loads (the device must be cooled down every 15 minutes of operation).

Battery booster

These devices can be used to solve the dead battery problem. They have the ability to work in 2 modes at once: for charging and for starting. Such models can produce a heavy current (cranking amps) that is enough to start the engine. The boosters usually have reliable protection systems, compact size, and versatility (can be applied for motorcycle, quad, and boats with an engine charging).

Laser Thermometer

The unit is also well-known as an infrared thermometer. The laser is regarded as a tool to aim the device. The molecules are the object’s constituent elements which are vibrating permanently. Very hot molecules are able to produce the special light that can be perceived like infrared energy. The laser thermometer helps determine the details temperature in all hard-to-reach places without physical contact. The device also has the ability to measure the temperature of the moving objects and hazardous materials. It can be used in conditions of high radiation and ambient heat.

Each of these devices has its own task, the assignment of which will help the car owner quickly and successfully complete the repair process.

This 1941 Chevy Pickup has stayed in so great shape due to routine maintenance and using the necessary tool to make the job easier.

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