6th Annual Import Face Off 2018

6th Annual Import Face Off 2018

6th Annual Import Face Off 2018 was held in Madison, Illinois on September 16, 2018.  If you have attended this show before, you know that they never let their attendees down and make this event an action packed day!

The Missouri/Illinois area made sure to bring out their vehicles to show off what they had to bring before the winter time comes and the rides are put away.  Rides ranging from imports, domestic, exotic, and even a stretched out Beetle with a Chevy motor packed the show area.  But this show had much more to offer than just the amazing rides and owners.

The drift area is where you could find drivers of all skill putting their cars, motors, tires, and skill to the test.  Sliding around corners, drifting in tandem at times, or just throwing rubber and smoke as they slid around each of the cones.  6th Annual Import Face Off 2018 is known as being one of the few events that feature drifting, and the crowds were kept entertained all day!  Winner for this event was Mark Knott – 10.351 @ 112.42, Runner up was Jason Glafre – 11.755 @ 128.08.  Congratulations!

Many spectators made their way over to the grandstands to check out competitors racing in various classes, not only for the cash prize to the winner but also bragging rights!  Everything from daily drivers to full blown drag cars were seen taking over the drag strip.

Awards were given out to those based on Best Civic, Best Honda, Best Exotic, Best Bike, Best of Show, and much more.  Below are the results for the car show!

Best Civic 2nd – Alex Acevado
Best Civic 1st – Alex Morales
Best Other Honda 1st – Brandon Moll
Best Acura 2nd – Mike Miller
Best Acura 1st – Holt Pride
Best Mitsubishi – Ken C
Best Nissan – Cole D
Best Toyota – Tabatha
Best Scion 1st – Dalton Robinson
Best Mazda – Logan OConner
Best Subaru 1st – Jake S
Best Korean – Steve P
Best Old School – Kyle Cross
Best Domestic Sports Compact – James Miller
Best Domestic Car – Seldian
Best Euro – Chris G
Best Female Entry – Taylor Patterson
Best Luxury – Justin N
Best Exotic – Scott Garderer
Best Import Truck – Clarissa S
Best Domestic Truck/SUV – Jordan Buffington
Best Lowrider – James Miller
Best Bike 1st – Tyler W
Best Stance – Semir
Best Display – Michael Novack
Best Interior -Trevor Hughes
Best ICE – Jasmin
Best Paint/Finish – Dustin Mazzio
Best Engine Bay – Brian B
Best Club Participation – FoShow Car Club
Best Club Representation – Vaded
Best of Show – Luch&Luch Jr

Congratulations to all the winners!

If you are searching for more information on Import Face Off, check out their website!

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Photos by: Chris Gosda

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