7 Tips to Keep Your Car Looking New

All car lovers would agree to Keep Your Car Looking New that they’d like for their vehicles to look near perfect every time they drive this is part of . However, keeping your car looking as clean as the day you bought it is a daunting task. Elements of the weather, dust, dirt, and debris cause damage to the exterior while the crumbs, stains, and clutter wear on your interior.  You’ve got a lot working against you. After a while, your pride and investment can begin to look worn down.

Follow these car cleaning tips to keep your ride looking new.  

Reduce Items in Your Car

The easiest bit of advice for cleaning your car, is to clean your car. Get the junk out.  The napkins, receipts, parking tickets, and whatever else is in there needs to go.  Try to only keep the things you actually use or need.  Can you imagine if this 1958 Chevy Apache was full or trash? 

Invest in a hand Vac

Constantly getting in and out from your car after walking around parks, dirty park lots, garages, leaves dust and dirt on your carpets.  Pick up an inexpensive hand vacuum and vacuum your floors once or every other week.  You can also vacuum at a drive up car wash as well.  

Carpets Need Shampoo

The same as the carpets in your house, the carpet in your car needs care.  This is especially true if you enjoy eating in your car or if you have kids on board that require car ride snacks.   Food, drink and spills of all kinds require you to shampoo the carpeting in your car. Shampooing the carpeting in your car will also make it smell a world better.  The same is true if you have cloth seats. Be sure to do this on a day when the weather is decent so that the carpets can completely dry. 

Wipe Down Leather and Plastic Areas

You can purchase wet wipes for cars that are specific for both leather and plastic surfaces.  Wipe down each surface with the appropriate wipe.  Not only will it clean the surface, but it will protect it as well. 

Remove Dirt and Dust From the Exterior

Wash your car as needed to remove dirt and dust from the top of the paint.  Do not wash it with water more than needed.  If you can use a microfiber brush to brush off the dirt that will suffice.  Repeated washes with water can wear down your exterior paint.  

Apply A Ceramic Coating

While most people like to apply wax to their car after a good wash, wax is only a first layer of protection.  If you’d like to really protect your car’s paint job, purchase ceramic coating for your car. Ceramic coating has nanotechnology, which which lay on top of the layer of wax, protect, and keeping your car looking fresh longer.  

Park in a Covered Area

If you are lucky enough to have a garage, use it.  It’s time to move the junk boxes out of the garage and make room for the car again.  Parking in a covered area is one of the easiest and best ways to to protect your car.  

The appearance on your car reflects on you, don’t let it get bogged down aesthetically. The best way to maintain the looks and continue riding in style is to create a cleaning schedule that includes the above-mentioned tips to retain its value (ideal if you plan on selling), reduce damage, keep the clutter down, eliminate foul odors, and keep you riding in style. 


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