7 Woodworking Equipment That Are Worth Every Penny

Do-it-yourself or DIY wooden projects are sometimes better than off-the-shelf furniture or accents you find in stores. You can accomplish numerous woodworking projects of various complexities, for as long as you are equipped with the right tools and equipment. That being said, below are some of the woodworking equipment that is worth your every penny.

  • Saw
  • The first woodworking equipment you need to have is a saw. But there are different types of saws. There is a handsaw that you can use for cutting boards to your desired width, and there are also bandsaws that are far safer than table saws. Bandsaws are perfect for resawing, particularly those that can cut in two speeds with a motor having plenty of cutting power. There are also circular saws that make the perfect long rip cuts.

    Trimming Plane

    A trimming plane is important for modeling, sculpture, as well as other light woodwork. Use a trimming plane for taking down edges of small pieces of lumber and make a quick clean cut. A trimming plane is also perfect for end-grain work.

    Thickness Planer

    Another equipment that you should invest in is a thickness planer. Choose one with a powerful motor to handle a larger cut in wider materials. There are also those that come with a multiple knife cutter-head that makes changing the knife you need faster and easier.

    Orbit Sander

    An orbit sander is a piece of great equipment to prep up your woodwork for painting. You will be able to find an orbit sander that comes in variable speeds, as well as those that come with low height to get you closer to the wood surface. The ones with a textured rubber grip pave the way for a more comfortable sanding.

    Benchtop Jointer

    A benchtop jointer will help you efficiently flatten the faces of rough lumber. This is known as one of the initial steps that you need to do to prep up the wood that you will work with for your project. Thus, choose a benchtop jointer with a quick depth setting mechanism for quick and accurate action.

    Bench and Clamps

    You can either have a large furniture-making workbench or a portable bench tool stand, depending on your woodworking needs and preferences. Just make sure that your bench will be able to withstand the weight of the wood you are working on.

    Power Drill

    Finally, get yourself a power drill. A cordless one that features various speed levels may prove to be more convenient for your needs. Also, consider getting a lightweight power drill to help you get into tight spots.

    In conclusion, it will be more effortless for you to complete minor or major woodworking projects for as long as you have the proper tools. If you have the right saw, a trimming plane, and a thickness planer, as well as an orbit sander, then you will be able to cut the wood into any shape needed for your project. On the other hand, a benchtop jointer, a bench, and clamps, as well as a power drill will allow you to prepare and bring everything together.  Building a speaker box is a big part of the custom car world.  Check out why your car need a new stereo. 


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