A Peek At The World Of Car Show Models

At just the mere mention of the word ‘model’, images of luxury, travel, high class events and a fast paced elitist lifestyle immediately comes to mind. Then add to that ‘car show model’ and it would seem like the dream job for most people out there. Bringing the two luxuries together can’t mean anything but the high life, right? Well, yes and no. It’s easy for people on the outside looking in to judge and create stereotypes about the lives of people who, we believe, do nothing but stand around looking pretty and making cars look that much better than they already do. So what is it really like being a car show model? Here, we’re going to take a peek into the world of car show models.


All Glamour, No Brains

This is probably the most common stereotype that is laid upon car show models, and it really couldn’t be farther from the truth. Many of these models come from extremely intriguing backgrounds, and more often than not, know a hell of a lot more about cars than you ever could, amongst other things. We often don’t bother to look into the background and wonder, why did they opt to become a car show model? Many of these models want to travel the world and need to make some cash, and happen to have a real passion for cars.

A Heavy Price to Pay

Even though these models do get invited to VIP events and get to travel all over the world, what you don’t see is the heavy price that has to be paid. They can become extremely depressed as they really have no one. No family, no friends, and the majority of the time, people are either hitting on you or assuming you have no intellect whatsoever. It’s not uncommon for some to develop addictions to prescription or recreational drugs in order to numb the pain of depression. On top of that, they are faced with the pressure of having to keep a certain image up for the product they are representing. This sometimes lead many models to resort to diet pills treatment, and these, just like prescription and recreational drugs, can be just as addictive.

The Good Side

While the car show model does have challenges that they probably have to face alone, it’s not all doom and gloom. There’s much to be enjoyed as well, such as being an ambassador to a worldwide well known brand, and being able to meet all sorts and kinds of people, possibly making connections from people of all walks of life, which can lead to finding a new career path as one point or another. These models will get to have first look at new models and learn about all the specs before anyone else, and if you’re a car addict, that is pretty awesome stuff!

A Fine Balance

It’s important to understand that just because something looks glamorous on the outside, doesn’t mean that the person in question doesn’t have a story and doesn’t have a cause for doing what they do. Most car show models are very intelligent and are not standing by the cars only to be eye candy- they can actually give you a comprehensive review of the specs of the car! While the life of a car show model or a Gauge Girl can get quite heavy and lonely, it provides many opportunities for the model in question and allows them to travel and meet people that they probably wouldn’t get to meet in a normal 9 to 5.


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