A Short Guide to Finding Your Dream Car This New Year

Others are making New Year’s Resolutions to stay in shape or kick bad habits, but if you’re a car lover, you probably have something a little different in mind. Of course, it’s all well and good to work on personal self-betterment in the New Year, but the turning over of the calendars can also be a fantastic time to reevaluate your driving situation.

Are you stuck driving a years-old clunker, a car that coughs, sputters and struggles up hills? Are you driving a car that might’ve been the apple of your eye when you first bought it, but now looks dated and out-of-place among your neighbors’? Do you just not look at your car the same way you used to?

This New Year, perhaps it’s time to bit the bullet and start searching for a new car – not just any car, though. It’s time to start looking for your dream car. The process of procuring your dream car doesn’t have to be either strenuous or costly. You can find the perfect car for a great price, and with minimal effort, just by following this short guide.

Setting Your Priorities

The first thing you should know about your dream car is that it’s yours. What you consider to be the perfect car is ultimately going to depend on your personal tastes and priorities. It’s a good idea, therefore, to tray and pinpoint those tastes and priorities.

Get out a sheet of paper, or open a new computer document, and list, in order of importance, what you absolutely have to have in a car.

  • Does it need to be a two-door sports car?
  • Does it need to be an SUV on air ride?
  • Do you want a behemoth, V8 engine?
  • Do you want a whispering electric engine?
  • Is safety important to you, or do you feel a need for speed?
  • Do you value a sophisticated infotainment system?

These are a few of the questions you can ask yourself to start compiling your vision of the perfect vehicle. Once you have all your answers set, searching for your perfect car should be breezy. Just head to your local luxury dealership and chat about option.

Leasing Vs. Buying

Then there remains the question of affordability. If you’ve tallied your preferences and it turns out that your dream car comes with a high price tag, don’t fret. If you forego the conventional financing model for a lease structure, you can easily afford your dream car. While monthly finance payments on a luxury car can be high, the best luxury car lease deals come with manageable monthly payments and negligible down payments.

Best of all, in a few years time, when this vehicle – like your last one – starts to look old and dated, you can easily swap your car for a new one on another 2-4 year lease. This ensures that you’re always driving your dream car.

Getting behind the wheel of your dream car is all about knowing what you want, and knowing the best way to get it. Setting priorities, searching based on your unique criteria, and then leasing instead of buying will get you behind the steering wheel of your dream car faster and with fuller pockets.

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