Advantages of Shopping for Parts at a Salvage Yard

There is no feeling more empowering for a car lover than being able to build or restore a vintage car. Growing up in Utah, cars have been my passion since I was a child. My father taught me everything I knew about car restoration, and by the time I was 19 I was able to completely restore my dad’s 1968 Firebird. One problem many car enthusiasts face is trouble finding parts when restoring a vintage car. It’s important to realize that most of the parts you’re looking for are no longer made; finding a specific part can be somewhat of a scavenger hunt. Usually going to a salvage yard is your best bet. Pick n pull Utah has a wide assortment of parts to choose from. Often times when people think of a salvage yard, they think junk. But these days you can find almost any part you’re looking for in a scrap yard.

Here Are Some of the Tips to Keep in Mind Before You Go to a Salvage Yard 

Which Yard to Choose?

Often when a person says the words “salvage yard,” they imagine searching through rusty cars stacked on top of each other with a flashlight. Salvage yards have changed a lot since the early days. Nowadays scrap yards keep a detailed computerized inventory to help keep track of every vehicle make and model that comes in, allowing you to easily find what you’re looking for with just a few clicks. Another option is visiting an auto part forum online. It’s a place where car enthusiasts will work together and try and help each other find the specific parts they’re looking for.

Saves You Money

One of the biggest advantages of buying parts at a salvage yard is because it saves you an unbelievable amount of money. Oftentimes, locating a specific vintage part cannot only be difficult but quite expensive. One alternative is buying a reproduction part, but car enthusiasts usually want to buy an original. There is a certain feeling of authenticity that comes with buying original that reproduction parts simply lack. Salvage yard parts are significantly cheaper than buying them directly from the dealer. Typically, you can find parts with little to no wear or tear, which is why shopping for used parts is always worth it. The overall price you pay for the part you’re looking for will depend on two things: demand and condition. Keep in mind most auto part dealers acquire their inventory from salvage yards. Buying parts directly from a salvage yard will, without a doubt, be less expensive.


Buying recycled parts is not only more affordable but helps our environment as well. When a car is thrown out, it either ends up in a local dump or landfill, which has become a huge problem in our country. Salvage yards reduce landfills by recycling and repurposing older parts and vehicles. A salvage yard doesn’t have to be a car graveyard; many vehicles and parts have years of life left in them and are patiently waiting to be refurbished and used again.

A Wider Variety

Salvages yards are filled with hundreds of different models of vehicles. When shopping for auto parts, a salvage yard has the widest variety to choose from. Oftentimes, when restoring a car, you’ll find out that the part you’re looking for is no longer manufactured, and finding the right part can be almost impossible unless you go to a salvage yard.

New Parts Always Coming in

Waiting for your dealer to order a specific part can sometimes take months and end up costing hundreds of dollars to ship. The great thing about going to a salvage yard is they have a pretty fast turn-around time, constantly having different parts and vehicles coming in.

Surprising Finds

One of my favorite past times has to be going to the salvage yard; every time is a totally new adventure, a chance to discover something new that I may have previously missed. I’d compare going to a salvage yard to a scavenger hunt; it is hands-on, filled with surprises, and can be a lot of fun.

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