Aftermarket headlight what option is best for you?

There are many headlight upgrades. They can be practical, aesthetic or they can be both. When you upgrade old halogen headlights to LED or high-intensity discharge (HID) what you are effectively doing is swapping out dull and yellow beams for colder white or blue beams.

If you do it the correct way you can also benefit from brighter headlights that enhance your night vision without blinding other road users.

Purely practical upgrades include increasing the brightness of halogen capsules or just reconditioning headlight assemblies. This type of upgrade doesn’t change your car’s look at night, but good headlights will help reduce any risk of accidents especially in those tricky twilight and nighttime hours. If you want to know more, head over to LED Light Street.

Making Headlights Brighter

When you want brighter headlights, it’s crucial to ask yourself whether you desire headlights that look cool, or if what you are after is headlights to make it safer to drive. There is no doubt that a brighter headlight, especially one that is of the cold white or blue type, looks very stylish at night, but that extra light needs to be aimed at the road, not into the eyes of other drivers.

The majority of headlight upgrades can be done at home, but some are complicated and need professional support. The ease of headlight upgrades can also be determined by the vehicle you have and the type of headlights with which it is fitted.

Here are some of the best upgrades and techniques to achieve brighter headlights:

Replace worn headlights or capsules

Because headlights tend to grow dim over time, replacing old capsules usually results in brighter beams. Some headlights, for example, long-lasting HID bulbs, can lose as much as 70% of their intensity in their lifetime.

Upgrade existing capsules to brighter versions

For the easiest upgrade, fit direct-replacement bulbs that are brighter than the originals. There are many aftermarket capsules that can be over 80% brighter than the original lamps. 

Clean and restore headlight lenses

More difficult than simply replacing headlight capsules, it’s still possible to carry this task out at home. When your headlights start to look hazy, it’s commonly due to a build-up that you can remove. It makes your headlights look better, and can also boost their brightness. 

Upgrade to HID headlights

Compared with halogen factory headlights, HID headlights are significantly brighter. HIDs still use capsules, but they need to be retrofitted, which calls for ballasts being installed and also may require new projector headlight assemblies. 

Upgrade to LED headlights

The fact is that LED headlights typically when compared to factory halogen bulbs are much brighter and last longer. Although direct replacement LED headlight capsules can fit into your existing headlight housings, it’s possible that installing LED capsules in your existing reflector housings tends to result in poor beam patterns. It’s worth noting that projector-style headlights frequently work better when they use drop-in LED capsules. 

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