Alfa Romeo Tonale Concept Car

Concept cars surely don’t come much better looking than this!  It’s that time of year when various marques will start to look to the design boards for late 2019 and early 2020.  In this case, it is Alfa Romeo that has come up with this tasty mid-size SUV in the form of the Tonale concept.

The Tonale is the first plug-in hybrid and the first mid-size utility vehicle from Alfa Romeo.  Alfa has provided a lot of blurb about the car, but one of cooler points is perhaps that the rear tail lights are designed  reminiscent of an artistic signature, rather than an optical lighting element, a sort of luminous signature born directly from the artist’s hand.

So, the ART (Alfa Romeo Tonale) could well be the next lusted after sports-styled SUV to hit the market.  We really, really like it and hope that it makes production sooner rather than later.  We’ll take one in black.


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