All Slamology 2019 Gauge Magazine July Issue

Gauge Magazine July 2019
All Slamology 2019 Issue

July is here and this month is full of the Slamology coverage you have been waiting for! Starting off our cruise with our feature ride for this month, we have a 1972 Ford F100 owned by John Jinnings!  This ride won the Best of Show award at Slamology and once you see it, you’ll know why! Moving on over to our event coverage, we have this section jammed packed with Slamology coverage! Starting off with the hydraulics competition, this is one of our most loved mini events inside the show and the crowd was going crazy! Our show is the Largest Car Audio Event in the World and the biggest names in the Car Audio bring out some of the biggest and baddest builds!  The Cars of Slamology raised the bar and brought in some of the best cars from around the world. The Trucks of Slamology were AMAZING and you’ll want to check out what some of the others did to their ride! Slamology 2019 Music Festival brought out the best local bands to perform at the show and with all of the bands and our two headliners, Hosier and Trajik, the show was amazing! Slamology 2019 Automotive Limbo Contest was an amazing time and one of the rides has won 5 times in a row, you’ll want to see who the winners are!  Do you have a tattoo that is like no other? Slamology 2019 Tattoo Contest is where you’ll want to be! Check out the coverage and see whose tattoo won an award! Next up is the Davis Brothers Big Rig Round up Semi Show and these aren’t the normal Semis that you see going down the interstate! This is a collection of Million Dollar plus custom rigs.   Most shows welcome cars and trucks, we welcome any ride as long as it is custom, you’ll want to see the Bikes and Contraptions from Slamology 2019! Slamology 2019 Awards are custom made and are our thank you for how amazing your rides are, check it out to see which rides won an award! Wanting to see who was crowned Miss Slamology 2019?  Then you won’t want to miss out on Slamology 2019 Bikini Contest!

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