APEX AP-0 all-electric hypercar to launch at Geneva

British sports car manufacturer Apex will unveil its rival for the Lotus Evija at Geneva – a concept EV hypercar codenamed AP-0

British sports car manufacturer, APEX, will unveil its latest project on 3 March at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. Codenamed AP-0, it’s a lightweight, track-ready all-electric hypercar, tasked with rivalling the likes of the Lotus Evija, Pininfarina Battista and Rimac C_Two.

Details on the APEX AP-0 remain sparse. Thus far, we’ve been told the hypercar was conceived and built in the UK by a team of engineers led by former BMW, Vauxhall and Daewoo designer, Guy Colbourne.

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It’s based on a pure carbon fibre chassis and has a claimed kerb weight of 1,200kg, which is impressive considering the amount of extra weight a performance-focused battery-electric powertrain normally adds to a vehicle. For comparison, the Rimac C_Two is around 700kg heavier, with a kerb-weight of 1,900kg.

Performance figures are yet to be confirmed, although APEX promises the AP-0 will have “rapid acceleration” and “superior agility.” Like the company’s other track toy, the AP-1, we expect this hypercar will be set up for cornering ability rather than outright, straight-line speed.

Whether or not APEX’s latest creation will be road-legal remains to be seen. The vehicle in the company’s teaser image looks more like a Le Mans prototype racer than a road car, with a low-nose, tight cockpit and an enormous fin sprouting from its roof. There don’t appear to be any headlamps, tail-lights or indicators, suggesting it could be a track-only toy.

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