Are Used Cars Just As Good As New Ones?

A car is an expensive investment, but a lot of people are willing to save money for years and improve their credit standing to buy one. The benefits a person can experience when they own a car can outweigh the cost of the purchase.

However, buying a brand new car isn’t your only option. Today, you can make a smart investment when buying a car from used car dealerships, such as Vision Kia Fairport.

Although cars from used car dealerships were already driven by other drivers, these are still as good (or even better) as new ones because of the following reasons:

  • Cheaper Price
  • All cars depreciate the moment you drive it off from a dealership. This means that a car becomes less valuable after you drove it home and continually use it for years. A brand new car significantly depreciates in its first year of use.

    This is basically the reason why a used car is cheaper than a brand new one. Since the bulk of the depreciation of a used car already occurred, expect that you can buy one without breaking the bank.

  • Lower Interest Rates
  • Applying for auto loans through financial institutions and in-house financing from dealerships will make it very easy for you to buy your dream car. These business entities offer auto loans that you can pay off within a couple of years.

    When you apply for auto loans from these businesses, you won’t have to worry about paying for high-interest rates. Since a used car is generally cheap, you’ll only have to borrow a small amount of money from these businesses.

    An auto loan for a used car is a smaller amount than an auto loan for a brand new car. With the amount involved, it’ll be very easy to pay off the loan amount within a couple of months only. The shorter your payment terms are, the lesser interest rates your debt can acquire.

  • Cheaper Insurance Rates
  • Regardless of the year and the make and model of the car you’re eyeing to buy, getting car insurance is always necessary. Car insurance serves as your safety net whenever your car gets involved in an accident or caused injuries and property damages.

    The value of your car is one of the most important factors to consider when computing for your insurance premiums. Getting insurance for a new car is expensive since the car is still valuable in the market and susceptible to theft.

    Fortunately, buying a used car allows you to pay for cheaper insurance rates. The difference between the value of a used and brand new car can cut off a couple of dollars from your insurance premiums. A used car has less value in the market, which means that you’ll also have to pay lesser premiums for it.

    Moreover, since a used car is technically “older” than a brand new one, you can also choose not to pay certain fees on your premiums. Depending on the age and history reports of your used car, you can exclude paying for anti-theft fees. This can result in more savings for your pocket.

  • Simpler Features
  • There are a lot of reasons why people buy a car, but in general, they’re making this investment because they want to reach their destination in the most convenient way possible.

    If you’re buying a car with the same exact purpose, you won’t need an expensive surround sound system and built-in Bluetooth connectivity. You’ll be happy to own a simpler car that has good gas mileage, spacious storage, and safety features.

    You can have access to a wide variety of makes and models when you choose to buy a used car. Most used car dealerships operating today sell cars that are phased out from the market. The number of available options makes it easy for you to pick a simpler car that provides your basic needs as a driver.

    When you buy from a used car dealership, you won’t have to pay for “unnecessary” features and accessories.

    Ask For Professional Help

    A used car can provide the same benefits of a brand new car minus the expensive price tag and auto loans with high-interest rates. But, before you can enjoy these things from a used car, you need to properly inspect it first.

    If you don’t have any idea on how to assess the condition and check if a used car has any underlying issues, ask help from an experienced mechanic. They can properly inspect the used car you’re eyeing to buy and help you steer clear from buying any lemon.

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