Auto Express reader takes delivery of one-off SEAT Mii

Competition winner Michael Simmonds wins our Auto Express-branded Mii for six months

To celebrate our 30th anniversary, Auto Express commissioned a one-off SEAT Mii, offering it to a lucky reader for six months.

Michael Simmonds won the competition we ran to give away the Auto Express SEAT Mii, and he told us he’s delighted with his prize.

“I like the design,” Michael says. “The red wrap on the dashboard took quite a bit of getting used to because of the dark dashboards I’ve had in other cars, but it’s nice – a little bit more individualistic.”

Michael owns a MINI Countryman and a Toyota Avensis, but says driving a smaller car has its advantages: “It’s a nippy little city car,” he says. “You can get into a parking space nice and quickly, and it’s got a good turning circle. I’m using it primarily as a commuting car, going up and down from work, but I also use it to visit family, do a bit of shopping and a mixture of other tasks.”

And it’s not just Michael who’s a fan of his free wheels: “My kids love it,” he added. “My kids love the car,” he added. “They say: ‘Can we take the wee car?’

Michael went on to explain he’s a long-standing fan of Auto Express. “I used to be in the motor trade many years ago,” he said. “The garage I worked in used to get Auto Express in. I like to read it now for the car reviews, especially if I’m thinking about changing a car.”

Read more about how the one-off Auto Express SEAT Mii was created right here….

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