Auto Express Reviews Ford Focus ST 2020 Car

There are a few hot hatch staples that really put a smile on our face– the RenaultSports, the VXRs, the vRS and the STs of the world.  We like them all, for what they (in the main) represent.  That is normally good value and performance that offers real smiles-per-mile that only a supercar or motorbike could offer.

Every year of course, these cars should get better and better.  When a facelift, a revamp or a genuinely new mark comes out we should get excited.  What gifts will the gods of practicality and performance bestow upon us?  How will the boys and girls with money and talent mod them?  Can I persuade my respective other half (regardless of gender) whether this is a good purchase over a larger, more practical model?  All these are relevant questions of course…

So perhaps this video review courtesy of Auto Express can move you some way to considering the Ford Focus ST 2020 car as your next buy.  As Focus owners ourselves (albeit not in the hotter, brand new version as in here) we can recommend the more run of the mill car.  We can really feel the pull of this model.  More economy over the outgoing car, more performance and better road holding.  Count us in!

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