Automobili Pininfarina PF0

We at Car Articles really rather like concept/intent statement designs.  We always hope that the forward thinking designs can get through, as this is what really inspires us and ignites our passions.  Not every design has to be swooping, curvy and full of jewellery.  However, every car should show in the design that it has been well considered.

The PF0 from Automobili Pininfarina is the first ever Pininfarina-branded electric luxury hypercar.  It is set to have staggering performance (think 0-62 in less than 2 seconds and a top speed in excess of 250 miles per hour) whilst also claiming a 300 mile plus range from electric power.  Call us excited!

Luca Borgogno, Automobili Design Director said: “Pininfarina has an unprecedented heritage of delivering cars that are both beautiful to look at and technically innovative. Creating this combination in the first Pininfarina-branded road car is a dream come true. The design of PF0 will espouse purity, beauty and innovation. Working closely with Pininfarina SpA we have created three new images that give prospective owners an exciting preview of the design features we will introduce on this incredible hypercar.”

Automobili Pininfarina was officially launched to the world’s media in Rome, Italy in April this year, where it announced its plan to sustainably develop and produce fully-electric ultra-luxury cars in low volumes at the pinnacle of design and desirability in their respective segments.

North America is likely to be Automobili Pininfarina’s largest market for sales given the passionate interest in both electric-power and Pininfarina-designed cars, and so the new business is now engaging with prospective retailer partners as it seeks to deliver world-class client care as part of its specialist vehicle ownership strategy.

“Clients of PF0 and the future portfolio of Automobili Pininfarina luxury cars will find ownership as enjoyable, effortless and exciting as it is driving them. We fully intend to partner with the world’s best luxury car retailers in order to help deliver on that promise: a true team effort and one-to-one experience that online sales can never deliver.” said Michael Perschke (Automobili Pininfarina CEO).

“We plan to enhance the important partnerships we are developing with these retailers by inviting them and their clients to personalise PF0 experiences during Monterey Car Week in August this year. These briefings will be by invitation only and will be the first time prospective customers have the opportunity to view our groundbreaking, beautiful hypercar ahead of production in 2020.”

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