Basic Car Care and the Benefits of Changing Your Oil

Investing in a new vehicle is a big deal. Your dealership and service technician have recommendations about ongoing vehicle maintenance. There are certain things that should be done to your vehicle in order to keep it running properly. You could have one minor issue going on, but if you leave a minor issue alone, then you could end up with expensive repairs later on. The majority of car care is very basic. Some of the items you can take care of yourself. There are other reasons why you will need to take your vehicle into a service center. Let’s take a look at some basic car care tips.

Have Your Oil Checked and Changed Routinely

There is nothing more important than having a routine oil and filter change completed. This is a basic car care tip that will affect a lot of different parts of your vehicle. You can increase the overall efficiency of your vehicle by using good oil from Mystik. You can also protect things like your engine, spark plugs and transmission with high-quality oil. When you neglect the oil in your vehicle then you are ultimately destroying your engine. Not only is a fresh oil change needed every six to twelve months, but you also should check your oil on a routine basis to make sure it is not low.

Cooling System

The cooling system of your vehicle should be flushed and changed once every calendar year. You can really protect your vehicle by using a 50/50 mix of distilled water and coolant. This prevents things like corrosion from occurring. This will also prevent deposits from accumulating inside of your cooling system.


There are a number of parts on your vehicle that require lubrication in order to run smoothly. Areas like your u-joints will benefit from re-greasing. Be sure to use a high-quality product that you know and trust. You can have a professional give your vehicle a multi-point inspection and lubricate necessary parts if need be.


Not only does your vehicle look great when you wash and wax it, but keeping your vehicle clean will protect your vehicle from rust and damage. The salt, dirt, and dust that are on the road surface at any given time can really be damaging to your vehicle’s surface. Never do a dry wipe down of your vehicle. This can cause some small scratches to appear on the surface of your vehicle. These scratches lead to rust in a short amount of time.

Brake Fluid

The fluid that is part of your braking system can attract a lot of moisture if you are not careful. This moisture can lead to other components of your vehicle rusting prematurely. This can also cause parts to fail like your calipers, hoses, and sensors. Make sure to have your brake fluid replaced once per calendar year to keep everything working properly.

Interior Protection

People assume that the inside of your vehicle is protected because it is behind closed doors. The sun can shine right into your vehicle and wear down your interior, dashboard and more. On days when the sun is shining brightly and your vehicle will be in the sun most of the day, you should use a protective sun shield to keep the heat and light out of your vehicle. There are also products that are designed for different interior areas of your vehicle. You can use them to protect your dashboard, your seats, etc. Make sure to read labels before using a product. You should also test a product out on a small spot of your vehicle before you use a product on the entire interior of your vehicle.

Proper and routine vehicle care is what you need to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Many models can make it into the six-figure mileage amount if you take care of your vehicle the right way. Make sure that you utilize a reputable service center along with high-quality parts and products. Having your oil changed with a recommended formulation of oil will make a huge difference in the efficiency of your vehicle. Be sure to follow a good maintenance checklist in order to protect your overall investment of a new vehicle.

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