Best Dual Dash Cams 2020

If you want to record both the front and rear of your vehicle, then check out a dual dash cam

Dual dash cameras (which record the front and rear of your car) have also been gaining popularity. Which is why we conducted a mini test to see what these up and coming dual lensed recorders are all about. How we tested them was almost the same to the main test, although of course, the testing can’t be 100 per cent identical as it was not carried out at the same time. 

Thinkware F200

Price: £169
Rating: 4.0

The F200 comes with separate front and rear cameras, mounted on the respective screens with tape. The front camera records in 1080p at 30 frames per second, while the rear unit works at a lower 720p quality. We captured a good amount of detail with the front camera; it adjusted for exposure well and we could read licence plates and road signs easily.

The rear camera lost points for clarity because its footage wasn’t as sharp. Even so, the lens picked up licence plates from a good distance, and offered a better field of vision than the Duo, so we could position it anywhere we liked in the rear window. The F200 has a parking mode and warnings, including red-light and speed-camera alerts.

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Thinkware F800 Pro

Price: £349  
Rating: 4.0

The Thinkware F800 Pro has a low profile that means it looks slightly less intrusive on the front windscreen than some of its rivals, with its rear camera nicely continuing on the design langauge. On the move we were impressed by the set-up’s clarity of recording. The 1080p footage is well balanced and is so good that in the past it’s put some 1440p cameras to shame. The recording also adjusts quickly for exposure; shadows and glare affected it less. 

The F800 Pro really showed its teeth in the night test, where we were able to pick out good detail from side streets, saw pedestrians and cyclists nice and quick and had an easier time reading licence plates on parked cars in the dark. 

The rear camera impressed us with its clarity of footage, too, and we liked how easy it was to wire in. A sticking point is the price. The F800 Pro costs far more than its entry-level rivals, but it is the better cam.

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Nextbase Duo HD

Price: £199.99
Rating: 3.5

Nextbase’s Duo set-up impresses. The camera is split into two lenses, one facing forward and another that rotates backwards and has a 50-metre zoom. Both record in crisp 1080p at 30 frames per second. We like the fact that the Duo doesn’t have a second wire running across the cabin to a rear camera, while the front lens offers sharp, accurate recordings that captured licence plates and detail well.

The rear unit is sharper than the Thinkware’s, but its field of vision is smaller because the rear-facing lens zooms from the front screen. This makes it tricky to position the unit so back seats or passengers don’t disturb recordings.  It didn’t capture everything happening behind the car as a result, although it does have a parking mode.

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