Best Electric Scooters for Car Shows

Cars and other automobiles are what boys call their toys. This is evident when car shows are held and a large population of men flock to see the cars on display. If you are a car enthusiast, you may want to be there and see the cars yourself or even participate and have your own collections on display. A popular addition to car shows recently is electric scooters. Most people are familiar with it and are fond of seeing one, more so if they find out that these are upgraded and better than before. Here are some of the best electric scooters that deserve a spot at every car show:

Glion Dolly Electric Scooter

If you are looking for a practical way to commute with a well-rounded electric scooter then the Glion Dolly is for you. This is not as expensive as other scooters in the market but they have maximized its performance when they designed it. Housed in its delicate and elegant frame is a motor system that can be used for everyday traveling. It is made with aircraft-grade aluminum which is covered by a coat that keeps corrosion at bay. This is one of those lightweight folding scooters that can be transported even when it is folded. The process of folding and hauling this scooter is made simple and easy so bringing it to work is hassle-free. This is certainly a great electric scooter to start with if you are keen on purchasing one for yourself and future car shows you want to participate in. 

Segway-Ninebot ES4 Electric KickScooter

This scooter is surprisingly affordable and can be used in long-range traveling for about 28 miles. It is one of the fastest ones in the market with a boasting speed of 18.6 mph. This prioritizes safety in whatever weather condition there is.  It features a wide non-slip surface for your foot to help you be secured during rainy and damp days. You can also modify this scooter by adding a few features including a rear light that uses an extra battery. You can get to your destination fast and in style with your own electric scooter.

Xiaomi Mijia M365

If you have heard of electric scooters, then you might have heard it because of the Xiaomi Mijia 365. It is a hugely popular scooter in the US and around the world. Chances are, you might have ridden one of these if you have been renting out scooters in the past. They are affordable, super lightweight and compact when folded. This is a good scooter to introduce people to these types of automobiles and this is a basic scooter that could get you started with. 

With plenty of desirable automobiles aside from cars around, you can already include novelty ones that are new modes of transportation. You may even want to include scooters. Since it is not that common yet, you may choose to showcase electric scooters because these will definitely attract an audience who is not familiar with it. These are an upgrade to the toys children play with that now can be used by adults too.  Electric Scooters are the next Big Boy Toys!  

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